Enjoying the holiday break with tweens

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Create a fun holiday project that lasts all year

One of the moments I’m most looking forward to during the holiday break will be to spend some actual, true blue familia time together. I plan to “turn off the technology” and really pay attention to my tween girls. This age group KNOWS you’re not doing it enough and remind you! Gone are the days when they just ask, “Mom or Dad can we do this together…?” and instead,  “When we were at the stores you were on the phone the whole time…”.  They notice. And before building resentment, I suggest really planning your time together.  A few ideas:

–  Leave time to share a new game, toy, doll or book together.

–  Catch up on fun movies.

–  Plan an outdoor outing that doesn’t cost much. It just lets you focus on them.

Or one of my favorite pastimes, plan a special craft together.  It’ll be something you’ll make today but look at for years and laugh at the memory. And if it doesn’t come out perfect- better! Then you’ll really laugh.

The great part of the tween years is that you can spend quality time together enjoying a fun conversation if you’re willing to stop and listen. The sad part of the tween years is that they’re getting older- and the opportunities can slip past you quickly. Take advantage of the time NOW.

I found this cute idea for a “Felt” Gingerbread house that I thought was cool on the Lowe’s “Ideas Creativas” website. You can make it as boyish or girlie as you’d like. Since our friends at Lowe’s sent us a $50 Gift card, we wanted to raffle it and share it with you- our Los Tweens amigos so you can pick up some items and plan a fun craft together during your ‘down time.’

One way I would change the house is to add a slit as a ‘piggy bank’ (which can be a way to hold money before you deposit it with your child if they have a savings account) or to drop little “ideas” on a small sheet of paper of ways to continue spending time juntos throughout the year. If given the opportunity, kids will tell you exactly what they’d like to do- sometimes we’re too busy to listen. I know I’m trying to be a better listener, one day at a time.

FELICIDADES! Many blessings for a wonderful holiday and new year.

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3 thoughts on “Enjoying the holiday break with tweens

  1. I loved this post – you’re so right that they really just want our attention, even if they are tweens who sometimes seem too cool. 🙂 School break is a great time to get in some quality time. I also wrote a post on how craft projects are a good way to do that. I really love this one, and that it’s great regardless of gender!

  2. We Love As A Family Planting A Garden. The Kids Love To Decor And Paint Pots For Our Plants 🙂

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