Family Game Review: Say Anything

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This game makes the whole family tawk!

“Say Anything” by North Star Games


During my trip to the Blogalicious conference in DC last October I was introduced to the North Star Games brand of family games. I played onsite and was given a copy for review on LosTweens. Just recently we got around to actually playing the game as a family. I can honestly report that our girls loved it! One of their boy friends played with us one night and he too enjoyed it. I was surprised that they would like it. It’s totally no-tech and all about writing and guessing each other’s thoughts about a given subject. The subjects were not specifically about cartoons, movies or kid-related themes so again, I was pleasantly surprised.


The game cards pose a question or a thought. Each player has a small dry-erase board where they write their answer or guess how the player asking the question would answer it. Points are given to the player who most closely answers or guesses the answer of the “hosting” player (the one whose turn it was to post the question).  The process creates a fun opportunity for family dialog! Our girls asked us “why” we answered the question that way or why we thought about something in a certain way. It was fantastic!


For example, one question is “if you had the opportunity to meet a famous person who would it be?” I answered “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr” and my husband answered “Abraham Lincoln.” Our tweens were completely interested in the ‘why’ we chose those historical figures and so we had a terrific conversation around history and race/diversity/discrimination and then appreciation for what those men contributed to our nation.


They continue asking to play the game together.  Here is a company video on how to play Say Anything, thought it would be fun to share:


We invited los abuelos to play once and it was too funny! We will check out the company’s other game offerings as well. I like that they’re an independent family-owned company.


Saludos- Cristy



DISCLAIMER: North Star Games gave me a complimentary copy of the game “Say Anything” – I have played it with my family. All opinions expressed are my own.




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