2014 Vehicle Test Drives at Ford ECOBOOST Challenge

Family Time at Ford ECOBOOST Challenge

The Ford ECOBoost Challenge recently hit Miami with a fury and it was just too much fun! You’re able to test drive several of Ford’s current models that are now equipped with fuel-saving ECOBoost technology against the vehicle’s main competitor brand. In my case I compared the all new Ford F-150 vs. GM’s Chevy Silverado because I’m a truck-kinda-chica!

Food EcoBoost Challenge

More interesting yet is that the staff for the ECOBoost Challenge is specifically instructed not to lead the consumer to try the Ford vehicles more so than the others. They simply present the differences between the vehicles and leave the opinions to the consumer. I really enjoyed that. My husband and I are current F-150 owners (ours is a 2009 model) so I surely did love the all-new version. It is a smoother ride and the interior is very appealing.

The most fun of the day is at the test drive track for the sporty and speedy Ford Fiesta. My girls jumped in the back and we took a twirl around the track making our own brake skidding sounds along the way! I miss having a manual transmission car so I had fun shifting and shifting away. They decided to film the experience and produced the video below:

The ECOBoost Challenge is a great familia outing. The tour is coming to a U.S. city near you soon. Take your whole crew including kids and Abuelos or amigos so everyone can enjoy the experience. We also checked out the various hybrid vehicles which are thankfully becoming more and more popular.


Cristy Clavijo-Kish

Cristy is the founder and publisher of Los Tweens & Teens, as well as the co-CEO & partner of DiMe Media, based in Miami. Born to Cuban parents, she’s a ‘Jersey Girl’ who is the proud mom of twin teens and wife to her college sweetheart, a “gringo” with a Latino soul! Cristy is also a teen cancer survivor, lover of travel, tech, good food, all-things beauty related, family cooking and social sharing.

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