Top Five Most Annoying Tween Habits

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I love my children.  They’re really awesome kids with great grades, no behavioral problems and usually upbeat personalities.  But there are a few annoying habits my tweens have developed that drive me absolutely crazy.  Here they are my top five:

1. I find photos like this one

4-up on 2-8-13 at 5.57 PM #5 (compiled)

or this one everywhere!  

Photo on 9-2-13 at 12.23 PM

Whether its my phone, tablet or computer, there are thousands of distorted, color manipulated selfies of my tweens and their friends on every device with a camera.  There are so many photos eating up memory on my phone that I can’t update it.   And just when I think I’ve cleaned them all out another 100 or so pop up in my Photo Stream again!


2. This is what a “made” bed looks like.   Try as I may to explain why this does not qualify as making your bed, the logic is lost on the tween mind.


3. They keep a collection of gift cards, hotel room keys and anything else that may look like a credit card.   It was cute when they were little and wanted to be like mom and dad but now its out of control.  Why are we keeping this stuff?


4. Another habit lost on the tween brain – changing the toilet paper roll.   I made myself a promise I’d never talk about bathroom habits on the blog again and I’m going to keep it so enough said here.


5.  There’s a pantry full of snacks but good luck finding them underneath the empty containers.  Here is what I have been told is the reasoning behind this phenomenon: Eating all of the cookies would be rude.  So, leaving one behind is a courteous gesture.

Here’s my take on it: I’m too lazy to walk the two steps to the trash can so instead I’m going to leave one cookie behind.  It’s not technically empty, right?


Ok, so the title of the post is slightly deceiving I technically have six things that annoy me but this one is for parents of tween girls.

6. Yeah, I brushed my hair…last week.   Apparently, if it’s able to get pulled back into a pony tail then it counts as being brushed.

 Now its your turn!  What annoying habits do your tween’s have?  Please share in the comments below.




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