VIDEOS: Futuro 2020 Campaign- We learned Parents MUST be Involved

The first round of our Los Tweens & Teens campaign with the Hispanic CREO Futuro 2020 program draws to an end in 2013.  We have learned MUCHO in the process that can help parents and kids better communicate to achieve stronger academic success TOGETHER.

Our Mami Ambassadors have talked about:

  • The importance of clear communication with teachers during the crucial tween and teen years.
  • The study skills that our children learn now impact their lifelong learning
  • Children WANT their parents to be involved- the tweens themselves tell us how important it is to see their parents active in some way at their school or for their school
  • Parents who speak up get attention and attention can help their children, their schools and their communities
  • Being involved and volunteering with extra curricular activities including scouting, sports and the arts help children drive stronger academic success.
  • Measure your frustration and keep working hard at your children’s academic success. They need parents to care even when they’re pushing them away.

Below are video messages from Candy of who recaps her involvement with the Futuro 2020 program and shares her final wisdom for parents.


And hear is feedback from tweens directly. They do care about our involvement!

Stay tuned to Los Tweens & Teens in 2014 as we continue to produce content revolving around Education in general. Our diverse communities need major support to get our kids succeeding and staying in school.

Are you a professional who prides yourself in the community organizations that you volunteer with or Boards you serve on? Take pride in volunteering to support your schools just as much! Again, our kids need us. They may act like they don’t- but they certainly do. The phrase “juntos podemos” – ‘together we can’ has never been truer.

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Join the Futuro2020 campaign by texting FUTURO to 52886 to receive more information.

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Cristy is the founder and publisher of Los Tweens & Teens, as well as the co-CEO & partner of DiMe Media, based in Miami. Born to Cuban parents, she’s a ‘Jersey Girl’ who is the proud mom of twin teens and wife to her college sweetheart, a “gringo” with a Latino soul! Cristy is also a teen cancer survivor, lover of travel, tech, good food, all-things beauty related, family cooking and social sharing.

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