Get your House Halloween Ready for Tweens & Teens

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DISCLAIMER: Los Tweens & Teens created some fun Halloween scenes with items of our own and Party City sent us new Halloween items to add. However, all opinions are our own. 

One part of kids growing up a little bit is you can start to have a some more fun without the worry of getting scared over everything. My husband is a major Halloween fan- but he loves the ghosts, goblins and skeletons and not so much the ‘cutesy pumpkins.’ Having young kids and their many friends around has forced some cute Halloween themes over the last few years. This year he’s getting a more ‘manly’ Halloween and the girls are all over it! They have put together some fun outdoor scenes thanks in part to our amigos at Party City. It’s fairly inexpensive to have some fun with Halloween décor that you can keep from year-to-year. The kids coming by are also older and having a Halloween party was part our plan this year.

With some old lanterns that we picked up at a garage sale for $5 and some ‘Buy 2 get one Free’ foam tombstones from Party City, we’ve created a sort-of scarier Halloween scene but still all in good fun. This is more like a scene from The Headless Horseman with an ‘eery’ feeling and less about The Nightmare on Elm Street! I’m sure in a few years my husband will start shopping the more gory Halloween collection.

Check out two separate scenes that you can create on your lawn for less than $30!

Daddy is having fun with the tweens!

Daddy is having fun with the tweens!

Party City has some great discount coupons available online and a major selection of costumes. We used the $20 off coupon for our costumes! Yes, the tweens start getting older so it’s time to have some real fun. Of course, when you create the fun at your own home and host some of their friends and their families, you keep your kids nearby and share the experience together. Stay tuned for our costume selections and party planning tips- the whole familia is having fun!

And if you still want some cutesy things- check out this fun CRAFT!

Happy Halloween!


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