Insuring Your Tech Investments for #BackToSchool

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Los Tweens Cell Phones

Blood rushing to your head.  You’re not sure whether to cry, scream or do both.  But no matter what you do it’s not going to fix it.  If you’ve ever broken, lost or had one of you or your tween’s cell phones stolen, you know what I am talking about.  So when SocialMoms approached us to join them in a paid blogger campaign for Asurion, a cell phone and digital device insurance company, we were definitely on board.

Gone are the days when all you needed for the first day of school were notebooks, a pen and a backpack.  More and more schools are requiring children to own laptops or tablets and cell phones seem to be a prerequisite for entering middle school.  And while we cover textbooks and workbooks to insure that they last throughout the year, we often times don’t take out insurance on the pricier electronic.  According to Asurion, over 50% of parents report that their child has lost or damaged a cell phone.  And, 38% of parents have had to replace at least one cellphone for their children in the past 18 months!


Last year, my tween daughter Maddy was taping a video segment for and dropped the iPad.  The impact shattered the screen and left me distraught.  I was upset at myself for not taking the proper precaution to protect an investment.  I hadn’t purchased a protective case nor had I taken out insurance.   And the mere thought of this or anything else happening to my cellphone makes me break out in hives.

This  year as you send your tweens back to school with a cell phone or any other device consider the following:

– Invest in a sturdy protective case for their cell phones, tablets and iPads

– Review the digital safety rules

– Purchase a back pack or laptop bag where they can safely store their electronics

– Consider purchasing insurance like Asurion

And if you are thinking of purchasing Asurion for your tween’s devices don’t forget to inquire about your own.  As I mentioned before my cell phone is my lifeline but if something were to ever  happen to it, Asurion provides rapid replacement coverage, device location, data management tools and live tech support.  All great services!  And, Asurion the only insurance that protects from loss, out-of-warranty damage (both liquid and physical) and theft.

For more information on Asurion, please click here.

Happy Back to School Time, Los Tweens Parents/Padres!  Abrazos!


DISCLAIMER: This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Asurion blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more on this topic, click here


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