Make a Commitment to ‘Safe Teen Driving’

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DISCLAIMER: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and State Farm.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

As I mentioned in our last post about State Farm’s Celebrate My Drive campaign, I’m the daughter of a former ‘safety director’ who made my very young friends (6-13 year olds) watch driving safety videos whenever we got together. The message of safety and being committed early to talking about driver safety is an essential tool for any parent or influencer of young children. Getting kids to think about a safe habit and building a commitment toward it- should start young. Getting teenagers to be fully dedicated to being safe on the road is another essential step in keeping our children safe. Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 11.14.01 PM

Some easy tips to share and commit to with your Teen drivers:

    • 2N2 – Keep 2 eyes on the Road and 2 hands on the Wheel
    • DON’T ANSWER THAT TEXT OR CALL! Pull over- STOP and then talk
  • Too tired, don’t feel well or drank something? Don’t drive, call someone to pick you up

In this video I’m asking my daughters their thoughts about safe driving. It helps me to know now what they’re already thinking about this so in a few years we’re just reviewing it again. The foundation for ‘safe driving will save your life or someone else’s life’ already has been laid.

Be sure to share the Celebrate my Drive website and Facebook page with your teen and their friends and parents. There still is time to register your school and apply for the many prizes and grants. But more importantly, get teens to think about safe driving! We all need to be committed to saving the lives of our children. Just a beep from a text can lead to awful circumstances.

Is your teen ready to be a safe driver?

Let’s talk about it.. and follow the conversation via twitter #Celebratemydrive.



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