Managing Family Laundry & Giveaway

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Downy Laundry Winner Prize

Amigas les encanta el proceso de lavar la ropa? Noooo- a mi tampoco! Solo la idea de tener tanta ropa para lavar las deja sin sueño por las noches? Compartan sus ideas y pueden ganar una cesta llena de productos de lavar de Downy y Tide!

Does the amount of laundry waiting for you to process keep you up at night?  Well I don’t love the laundry being on my ‘to do’ list either and the piles seem to grow faster than we can manage in my house! My husband and I have our tweens helping with the laundry and Katherine has her crew working on managing family laundry as well. It’s a long learning process with kids but having products that make it fun and ‘smell great’ certainly make it easier.

Turns out that another key element about laundry actually really is the scent! Washing linens with soothing scents such as lavender can really help create an environment to fall asleep more easily. We’re supporting P&G’s campaign to help our Los Tweens & Teens parents take the “Tuck In. Turn Off.” Pledge. The “Tuck In. Turn Off.” Pledge aims to combat sleep deprivation by encouraging people to turn off their technology at least 30 minutes before bedtime and tuck in to clean fabrics infused with the soothing scent and softness of the Sweet Dreams Collection. The pledge can be taken online by visiting


Our amigos at P&G have provided a laundry basket filled with items that will help the laundry process and hopefully help you sleep better at night in return! The basket includes the following P&G products and is valued at around $200- whoooo! (that would be a happy dance for parents, not kids!):

  • Laundry basket
  • Downy Unstopables Scent Booster (beads, in 2 sizes)
  • Downy Infusions Softener (liquid, in 2 sizes)
  • Tide Detergent (in 2 sizes)
  • Bounce Dryer Sheets (2 packets)
  • Silk eye mask
  • Coffee mug
  • Fleece blanket
  • Gift Card ($100)

In order to qualify for the gift basket be sure to do the following:

Leave a comment below answering one of the following questions AND input your information in the Rafflecopter widget. (Be sure to check for extra ways to enter.)

How are you motivating your growing kids between 7-16 to help with the laundry? How are you helping them and yourself calm down at night for at least 30 minutes before bedtime? We’re creating a fun parenting series about working with your kids as they grow older and welcome your suggestions.

The Giveaway runs between May 6 – May 13th. Winners will be announced via social media so be sure and check our pages often.

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84 thoughts on “Managing Family Laundry & Giveaway

  1. I encourage my 12 year old brother to help my family and I with laundry by teaching him if his clothes are still clean for another use, and when to put them in the hamper. I also teach him how to separate clothing, whites, dark colors, and light colors. Soft, great smelling clothes teachers us how to better maintain what we wear, and I think this new Downy product will fit in perfectly with my family!

  2. I encourage my two teenagers to do laundry because they like to change their clothing several times a day. When everything is done they separate the clothing and put the clothing where it belongs. To unwind at the end of the night I have them take showers and they read for 30 min or listen to music before heading to bed.

  3. Both my older sons help with the laundry since they turned 12. Because of health reasons, I find it difficult to go up and down the stairs and our washer & dryer is in the basement. Both my sons will put the clothes in the washer & dryer and then they bring them up and we fold them together. I see that by having them help with this chore, it has taught them to be more responsible.

  4. Before bedtime, I smell my lavendar lotion, I think listening to some relaxing music and STAYING AWAY from the computer right before bed time are all key for teens to get a good nights sleep.

  5. When The Trio were aged 7- 10 I must admit BB did their laundry HOWEVER, once the Tweens age 10-12 they needed to do their own. La Griteria or La Chancla worked ok, and them having no clean clothes worked great once they started dating 15-16!

  6. For me, if I want to get to bed earlier, drinking an herbal tea and perhaps doing some light reading before bedtime helps me get sleepy sooner. 🙂

  7. We made it part of chores! You have to put your clothes in the hamper and when it’s half way full it goes to the basement and then after it’s washed/dried they fold.

  8. We have the same routine at night time before bed, we take baths and use lavender lotion for bed time. My kids are only 1 and 2 but they always help me put the clothes in the dryer and then they help put them away in there dresser. I say go put this in your dresser and they do. 🙂

  9. Every since my daughter was a baby we have always taken turns reading her a book. It is a time for us to have one on one time with her and to bond. As she has gotten older she has asked to read it with us and then she likes to make up her own stories. After, we talk about what happened in the book or events happening in days coming up. It is a relaxing time for us to be able to take a break to read and talk. My daughter likes to help me with the laundry but does not like to clean her room because it is too tiring.

  10. I motivate by teaching them to put laundry in baskets, sort colors and when its out of the drier to match up the socks. Matching socks is a game !

  11. We calm down at night by drinking Red Bulls and doing hardcore high-impact exercises 20-minutes before bedtime. Just kidding… we have some herbal tea and just chat.

  12. I motivate them by helping me with the laundry by having separate baskets around the laundry area and their room and I’ve explained to them what goes in each basket and to please sort accordingly to help me when it comes time to put the wash on
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  13. We do have a bedtime routine. We have quiet time before bed, where we generally all read, and just relax.

  14. teaching them how to separate and do laundry properly – but really just happy when they get their own load in the wash. Part of their chore list!

  15. If the laundry isn’t in the laundry room when I start Saturday morning ( which it usually isn’t) then you are responsible for doing your own.

  16. My 7 year old daughter loves to help with everything, cooking, cleaning, laundry, she just wants to help. I don’t really have to motivate her because she already has the want and desire.

  17. I’ve taught both my son, ages 12 and 14 how to do the laundry. They both take turns with putting it in the washer and dryer and then they bring the clothes up for us to fold together.

  18. We actually integrate other lessons, like geometry (folding) and art (colors) into laundry day to get the kids more engaged and interested in helping out!

  19. There is nothing like heavy praise when they do help with the laundry. They also have consequences if they do not help.

  20. The best way to calm down before bedtime is to turn off the TV and read for 30 minutes or do something else. Get away from the stimulation and you will sleep.

  21. I find that turning off all electronic devices a half an hour before bedtime, works to calm everyone down and send them off into a restful sleep. Tide & Downy & bounce sleep collection sure helps too!

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  22. Great give away their is always laundry to do its a never ending these are incredible products to use I use them myself.
    Thank you..

  23. I always encourage my kids to help with laundry the have their own hamper in there rooms and we work as a team to get it done I have a 12, 8 and 3 year old my 3 year old know she needs to put her dirt laundry in the hamper this helps to organize the colors and encourages them to help out around the house..Sorry for the 2nd comment got a little excited..

  24. My teens are very concerned with their clothes “My jeans must stay as dark as when I bought them”
    And “My Tshirts CANNOT be dingy, Okay” that being said and Laundry being the
    Simplest and least painful of ALL chores it was pretty easy to trick them into getting it all
    done and Properly at that 😉
    Let me add that they are very proud of their contribution to the family

  25. Set an organized day and time for each child’s laundry to be completed. Scheduling is key.

  26. We take a family walk after dinner and read together. We also use lavender lotion after bathing. As far as laundry goes, we have our daughter help put away her clothes and sort them, prior to washing. 🙂

  27. At 10 years old I began requesting their help doing the laundry, taking time to show them how to do it the right way. By their 13th birthday I gave them full responsibility.

  28. This is so interesting because I just started teaching my daughter how to do wash this week she is 13 and I have a 16 year old son. I dont really expect them to to wash yet but just want them to help me when by starting a load or folding what I have in dryer want to work as a team with our busy lifestyle and its so calming to have fresh clean smelling laundry

  29. I am motivating my growing kids between 7-16 to help with the laundry by requiring them to participate and showing them easier ways to do things. Laundry is not a fun chore for my family but it is a necessity and can be made easier with great products.

  30. How are you motivating your growing kids between 7-16 to help with the laundry?
    My children have watched me do laundry and how to separate whites, colors, and towels. I have showed them what water temp. to use for each pile and now the kids have learned to wash their own laundry with those skills.

  31. Laundry is the only chore that my girls do have. My youngest can do the white clothes since she doesn’t have to hang anything up. She likes to do it because she thinks it’s fun right now. My oldest just folds a couple of loads a week because she’s so busy. She gets to listen to her music while folding and it helps her zone out for a while.

  32. LOL they are not calm right now. In fact, I put them to bed and then my son started screaming so he woke up his sister and she started screaming and now we’re stuck while they “eat” again because they are “really hungry!”

  33. I have 3 daughters. 2 of them are younger than 7 and my oldest actually just turned 7. She has been helping me with folding laundry lately and sorting it into piles according to whose laundry it is. She gets an allowance every week so she knows to help out if she wants to receive it. She has been happily helping and doesn’t really complain at all.

  34. My grandson 7 years old stays with us 3 nights week so his mother can work so he helps me with washing and all the sorting and folding.

  35. I encourage my boys, ages 11 and 7, to help with the laundry by always putting their dirty clothes in the hamper, and helping me sort when it’s time to put the loads in the wash. I’ve taught the 11 year old how to put just the right amount of detergent in the machine, and what each setting is for. I am the only one that folds, but they help put their things away.

  36. My son is 7 and has recently started bringing down the dirty clothes and up the clean clothes. I love to have him help out around the house so that when he gets older he understands that things don’t get done on their own.

  37. my daughter is 13 now and she will often do the laundry herself. 🙂 most of the time we take turns.

  38. i have always thought that both the my boys and my girls should all know how to cook and do laundry and even change a tire .they are all grown now and i really think it helped

  39. as soon as my kids are tall enough, they are in charge of putting their clean clothes away but so far i haven’t really pushed for them to do the laundry yet

  40. I teach the kids organization and sorting colors when we do laundry. At night I do a routine..we do almost the same routine to put us in the mindset that it is time to go to bed

  41. My kids help me sort the clothes and then fold put away. We have a routine bath dinner tv time for about 30 mins brush teeth story prayer

  42. From the time they were young they sorted clothes. I folded and they put away their own. Once they became teenagers they did their own laundry. I feel like this prepares them to be on their own.

  43. We take a nice warm bath, then get on PJ’s and read for 30 minutes before bed time, that reading time helps everyone relax.

  44. My rule of thumb is no electronics an hour before bed. They just seem to keep everyone wired. Reading is fine, it actually helps relax.

  45. An hour before bed my kids take their showers and then they can lay in their beds and read for 30-45 minutes to wind down before sleep.

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