Miami Fashion Night Out with Supermodel & Supermom Niki Taylor

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During Miami’s Fashion Night Out 2012 at Macy’s- our aspiring Los Tweens fashionistas got an opportunity to meet a real fashionista herself- supermodel and MOM Niki Taylor!

As my friend and fellow blogger Rosy Cordero described Niki- “she’s one of the coolest and most down to earth people I’ve met”- and I would have to agree 100%. Our Los Tweens “Fashion” reporter Olivia (my daughter!)- got very nervous when it came time to ask Niki questions – she literally froze. But Niki was so very tender, guided her through the interview and gave a young girl the best advice for Fall-inspired looks- “wear what makes you comfortable and you feel good in.” That’s true for us all. Our fashion focus for Los Tweens is about just that statement- helping our chicas (and chicos!) feel good in their choices but also wearing what works for their body types. That’s not always easy when you may look different from other girls, but that’s alright- differences are what we’re celebrating.

And do check out the latest Los Tweens fashion find- Star Wars inspired shoes! They literally found them as they were walking around Macy’s Kids department and created an impromptu review.



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