Missy Franklin: New Queen of Swimming Takes First Individual Gold Medal – ABC News

Missy Franklin: New Queen of Swimming Takes First Individual Gold Medal – ABC News.

Why are we posting this story? Because we feel that Missy Franklin is such an inspiration for all- but young kids in particular. She always has a smile and seems genuinely supportive of her fellow swimmers and athletes. The idea is that we can’t all raise Olympic champions- but as parents we certainly can raise children with determination, goals, honesty and most importantly – empathy. Our families are allowing our tweens to watch the Olympics daily because there is so much to gain in learning and examples here. More than ever, we’re seeing our country represented by a diverse group of athletes and young people with backgrounds as different as the sports being played.

But they ALL have one thing in common- DETERMINATION.

Every single athlete talks about how they practice and train and train and practice. That’s the message we wanted the kids to hear LOUD & CLEAR. It can apply to all that they do- especially a new school year that’s approaching fast!

We will keep sharing the athletes impacting our kids most- they’re telling us who they are!

Here are some of our Olympics hopefuls- share yours as well!

Saludos! Cristy & Katherine (and the Dads cheering away!)


Cristy Clavijo-Kish

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