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By Katherine Doble-Cannata, Co-Founder and Publisher

I first learned about Joseph Kony a little over a year ago.  It was at a dinner with Soledad O’Brien in celebration of an event I had helped coordinate for her soon to be released “Rescued” documentary on Haiti.  Jonathan Olinger, who served as consulting producer for the documentary, was discussing his upcoming trip to Africa when the conversation took a serious turn.  He explained about the child army, the girls turned into prostitutes and the abduction of children.  I immediately wanted to help.  I wanted to act.  But it seemed like the six of us sitting at that table where the only ones who knew about this.

Now, Joseph Kony is well on his way to stardom and hopefully prison and trial.  This could of only happened with the use of social media.  It is changing our lives, the lives of our tweens and will hopefully change the lives of the tweens currently enslaved by Joseph Kony.

Los Tweens will stand strongly against any injustices done to children.  We support the stop Kony movement.  Our greatest fear would be to have any of the crimes he has committed done to our tweens. Let’s work together to protect our children regardless of borders, religion,  race, politics and economics.

Watch the video to learn more about Joseph Kony. 

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