Are You Ready for Some Futbol! #KeepItClean #Giveaway

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Are You Ready for Futbol

So….are you ready for some fútbol?  We’re not talking American football here we’re talking soccer!

The big games are finally here and we can’t wait to watch all of the action.  Both of my tweens have played fútbol and I know how dirty it can get.  Whether it’s bad sportsmanship on the field, off the field with the parents or grass and dirt stained uniforms, I know first hand that keeping it clean isn’t always easy.

I really appreciate Tide’s “Keep It Clean” campaign that celebrates the time-honored fútbol tradition of the jersey exchange – after the game, teams swap jerseys as a symbol of unity.  The exchange is a wonderful show of good sportsmanship.   (I wish they would implement a jersey exchange for the parents at our tweens’ games!)

World Cup with Tweens

Santiago and Lucas – twin tweens! – and their U10 Futbol Trophy from the Disney Tournament – CONGRATS!!

To celebrate, Tide hosted a fun party and teen fútbol game in Miami.  We were on hand with the Los Tweens reporters who took to taking A LOT of selfies and had a great time meeting Andrés Cantor.  Mr. Cantor, famous for his “GOOOOOOOL!”, has partnered with Tide to share the “Keep It Clean” message.  We had a chance to catch up with him at the event and here’s what he had to say:

Andrés Cantor on Getting Tweens Excited for Fútbol:

“There’s no better exposure than the big games.  It’s the biggest spectacular in the world and showcases the best players in the world with their tremendous skills.  Anyone who watches a good dose will be a soccer enthusiast.”

Andrés Cantor’s Prediction:

“Well, my home country is Argentina but it is going to be tough!  I believe the usual top contenders will be fighting for the title as well – Brazil, Spain, and Germany.”


Yes, it is going to be tough but we’re rooting for Argentina as well!  To help us be ready for the games, keep our jerseys clean and keep up with all of the laundry that piles up during the summer (why do kids feel the need to change 6 times just because they’re home!?), we’re hosting a giveaway for a year’s supply of Tide and a “Keep It Clean” jersey!  See all of the details below and visit Tide’s “Keep It Clean” Tumblr page to see all the videos and activities going on






Tide #KeepItClean Year Supply & Jersey Giveaway

When: June 11 through midnight, June 20

Prize: A year supply of Tide and a Tide Fútbol Jersey

How to Enter:

  1. Leave a comment below sharing how you teach your children good sportsmanship (to Keep It Clean) OR how you are celebrating fútbol in your house
  2. Input your information in the Rafflecopter widget below
  3. “Like” Tide on Facebook: 
  4. AND be sure to check the Rafflecopter for additional entry options!

Rules: Limit one entry per household.  Open to U.S. Residents, 18 years of age or Older.  Winner will be notified via email and have 24 hours to respond.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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60 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Some Futbol! #KeepItClean #Giveaway

  1. I teach my kids to keep it clean by making them pick up after themselves and put away what they get out.

  2. We talk about being a good sport and player before the game.He always helps the kids get up when they fall. We also tell him to give it his all and to enjoy the game!! We love Futbol!!

  3. We Talk About The Importance Of Being Respectful And Kind To Every Player On The Field. Offer Hand Shakes And Kind Words After Each Game. My Family Loves Soccer And The #KeepItClean Campaign!

  4. I teach my child good sportsmanship by looking at the positive things that happen in a game and the good plays. I also tell my child that it is a team sport and the team needs to practice and play together win or lose.

  5. We’re celebrating futbol by having World Cup viewing parties and playing soccer in the backyard together.

  6. I always taught my boys to be gracious winners and respectful losers. The important thing is to do your best and have fun.

  7. We teach our children to hold their heads up high even when in defeat and teach them not to brag and boast when winning. Always remember to shake hands with the other team in a win or lose situation.

  8. We tried to bring our kids up feeling that having fun and being with friends/family was more important than any score.

  9. We are teaching our son that to be a good sport means you don’t always win but you should shake the hand of the person that does. Just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good game worth playing.

  10. Were Definetly enjoying the world cup at home, since the guys work, us ladies at home are watching it for them ha ha.. but im enjoying with my mom and sisters while cooking comida mexicana, Were cheering fpr Mexico and same here wishing luck to all teams.

  11. We’re planning on watching the World Cup at home, we will be cheering on the both the US and Mexico. We planning on having over friends over to watch the games with us.

  12. I teach my kids what winning losing is really about and that as long as they tried they are winners.

  13. At their ages BB can’t even get The Trio to watch their language to #KeepItClean , but they do love their Tide, so at least that they’ll do. ; ) Sweetie is enjoying the World Cup in his recliner in between snacks and zzzzzzssss. BB2U

  14. We are teaching good sportmanship by watching sports together as a family and talking about good and not so good sportmanship of the players. The kids pick it up really fast. They often are the first to comment.

  15. I celebrate with my family I wear the shirt and prepare a delicious meal to watch the games our teams together!

  16. I teach my niece to wash her hands before eating, going to the bathroom and before going to bed.

  17. I make sure that my children keep their hands clean whether at home or away before eating and after using the restroom.

    We will be having a pool party and cookout for my sons soccer team.


  18. We teach our kids to know that is doesn’t matter if you win or not, that it’s about having fun and giving it the best you got, and to always thank your team members for a great game. We are also celebrating futbol by having a outdoor family BBQ.

  19. Teaching the kids wash your hands, also taught them to always clean your room as well as separate your dirty clothes

  20. We have been watching the majority of the games and try to watch the US play every time and we order a pizza when they played

  21. We are celebrating the World Cup by watching games together & having snacks based on the teams playing.

  22. I teach my kids to keep it clean by washing their hands often, picking up clothes of the floor and having a chore chart to help out around the house. They mark the chores off as they go.

  23. My daughter is a swimmer and we always praise the work she puts into her sport as well as focus on her improving her times instead of trying to “beat” someone else. We also always cheer for everyone and encourage her to do the same.

  24. We teach our children to be nice and kind to all, to respect authority and to treat others the way they would like to be treated

  25. We are celebrating futbol by watching the games and having friends over to watch with us. Just the reason we need to BBQ too 🙂 It is alot of fun

  26. We are teaching our kids to Keep it Clean by putting them in charge of the recycling, trash, and composting. We want them to be aware of what goes into our landfills.

  27. I set a good example and remind them when your kind and keep it clean everyone wants to be around you. We have lots of great treats and had some friends and family over we will a few times throughtout #KeepItClean

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