Scented Toilet Paper- Tween Bathroom Ideas

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This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Charmin and Latina Mom Bloggers. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

Scented toilet paper? Really? I never gave it much thought until I heard about Charmin’s new line of Charmin plus the scent of Chamomile that launched in stores this August. When you have older kids around your house, you’re bound to have all sorts of interesting scents from hair-care products to fragrances and then all the scents from the new sweat glands they are developing, stinky feet and more!

When we moved into our new home the bathrooms were quite outdated. The kids bathroom actually got a beautiful make over and it’s one of my favorite spaces in our home. But keeping it actually smelling nice is a different story! Not only do you have your own older kids coming in and out of that bathroom, all of their visiting friends also contribute to the ongoing fresh scent challenges.

What is welcoming about this new line from Charmin is that chamomile is one of my favorite things in life. My Abuelo seemed to fix every single issue with ‘un tilo’ which is the Latino version of drinking chamomile tea! The scent immediately made me think of him and the many ‘tilitos’ we enjoyed throughout my childhood. He added lots of honey which made it extra special. I still drink a ‘chamomile tilo‘ every night as part of my sleep preparation- it truly is very soothing.

The new Charmin with Chamomile scent adds a subtle calmness to your otherwise nutty kid's bathroom.
The new Charmin with Chamomile scent adds a subtle calmness to your otherwise nutty kid’s bathroom.

With all the chaos that tweens and teens can bring into a home, it’s nice to have a soothing scent in the bathroom. I’m hoping the new paper makes everyone a little calmer en la casa! Older kids also start spending a lot more time in the bathroom since they’re concerned over their hair and overall look more than younger kids. Keeping a clean, clutter free bathroom can help them reduce stress.

A soothing bathroom without a lot of clutter can help kids calm down from a busy school day.
A soothing bathroom without a lot of clutter can help kids calm down from a busy school day.

Be sure and check the latest offerings and soothing bathroom retreat ideas from Charmin Latino via Twitter and the Charmin fan page on Facebook.



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