[#Shopping] School Uniform Accessories & Back to School Trends

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Disclosure: Los Tweens was provided access to The Children’s Place and a gift card to purchase back to school clothing. However, all opinions (and tips!) expressed are our own. SchoolUniformAccessories

School uniforms are a parents’ best friend.  They solve the whining and crying problem of, “I don’t know what to wear today!”  Aside from sanity, they also save money in the long run.  But, ask a tween and they will have a very different response.  Tweens prefer personalization and bright colors – descriptions not traditionally associated with uniforms.  During our recent visit to The Children’s Place we found school uniform accessories and back to school trends that allowed for a more personalized look while still staying within a uniform code.  They were so cute that even the tweens were excited!

Check out our fun video and scroll down for tween back to school trends and accessories you’ll want to try:


Sweaters & Jackets

Functional and fun, sweaters and jackets can make a fashion statement.  At The Children’s Place, Maddy tried an adorable striped flyaway cardigan (I wish they made one in my size!).  Jonathan had on the nylon uniform jacket which gave him a preppy and pulled together look.  Sophie is in an adorable 2-fer sweater top.  The top joins the sweater with a white blouse to make a cute navy and white look.


Head Bands for Girls and Ties for Boys

Oh headband!  No matter your daughter’s age, a cute headband is always in style.  The girls paired polka dot and striped navy with their uniforms.  They also loved The Children’s Place colorful hair accessories.  For Jonathan, we paired the look with a tie.  He originally protested and then admitted he looked, “pretty handsome.”


Colorful Backpacks and Lunch Boxes

If the uniform can’t be colorful at least the lunch boxes and back packs can be!  The Children’s Place has an assortment of back packs in neon and bright prints that will allow your tween to express their individuality a little more.  The tweens also love adding pins, patches and key chains to their backpacks to make them even more fun.  My eldest daughter has her bag covered in One Direction pins and my son has a keychain collection hanging off of his backpack.



Whether it’s sweaters, jackets, headbands, ties, hats, back packs, lunch boxes or socks, allowing tweens to express themselves is an important part of their development process.  Shopping retailers like The Children’s Place that keep items affordable and fun allows them to change their styles without hurting your budget.  Check out your local The Children’s Place or visit them online here.

Enjoy Back to School shopping!



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