St. Patrick’s Day Fun and First Contest!

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By Cristy and Katherine

Drum rollllll…. Our final winning St. Patrick’s Day punch name was: Rockin’ Shamrock! And for a Spanlish twist- we added: Rockeando el Shamrock! Yes, there is a linguist somewhere that just got very angry- but we’re just having fun. What was so important about all this? We engaged our Tweens in the St. Patrick’s day history and some fun which can be applied to any theme or holiday. Sometimes we forget to bring things down a notch. As Lori Lite of Stress Free Kids likes to say- ‘just have some fun with it’!! What we did:

  • Ceated the punch (the process with the kids in the kitchen was the best –and messiest – part)
  • Talked about some fun foods and baked fun things
  • Tried new foods. The corn beef was much better received than the Shepards Pie with my tweens. Katherine’s tween was all about the Shepards Pie!
  • We talked about Ireland, we talked about traditions, and we even looked at a globe to see where Ireland lands on the map.
  • And thanks to a post by Latino Rebels– we thought about music and mentioned my Irish favorite- Danny Boy (special connection to my family)

We talked about how Irish immigrants arrived in the United States so many years ago and have given so much to our country ever since. We felt quite ‘lucky’ to share our ideas on Twitter and Facebook with our amigos as well.

Thanks for supporting our first fun contest. Even if St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a cause for celebration in your family or among your friends, we hope you can share its cultural significance with your tweens and kids. Our amigos at Hispanic New York ran a great post from New York Latino- enjoy and be sure to ‘compartir con tus chicos’.. abrazos!

Leave you with a bit o’ St. Patrick’s blessing:

May St. Patrick guard you wherever you go,
and guide you in whatever you do–
and may his loving protection be a blessing to you always.


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