Summertime Hairdos to Celebrate Los Quinces (with Giveaway Inside!)

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** There’s a giveaway at the end! **

Summertime is all about fun in the sun but it’s also a big season for quinceañeras  and other special occasions. In case you don’t know- a quinceañera is a very special time for Latino families when they celebrate the 15th birthday of their daughters – equivalent to a debutant, Batmizvah or Sweet 16 parties.

There are many traditions surrounding a quinceanera and they range from modest home parties to full extravaganzas. Depending on the party theme and and location, dress attire for your tweens or teens will be formal or more casual but certainly with a fun party flair. It’s not all about choosing a dress and shoes, a great hairdo for the occasion can really make your young girls have a unique and more polished look from classy to shabby chic.

Celebrity stylist, Gabriel Samra, doing a ponytail to Sophia.

Celebrity stylist Gabriel Samra creating a ponytail for Sophia.

Our amigos from Pantene together with celebrity hairstylist Gabriel Samra have provided a few looks to help you prepare your lovely tween or teen to attend quince parties and more this summer and check out the fun giveaway at the end!

Top Tips to Consider for Your Teens Style

  • It should be age appropriate – this applies to the whole look
  • Hairstyle should bring out your teen’s personality – make it fun & easy
  • She should feel comfortable in whatever look she chooses – it’s a party!



Curly-Quinceanera-Hairstyles-CREATING LOOSE CURLS

  1. Before starting your hairdo, it’s important to wash your hair so that it’s clean, soft, and manageable. I recommend Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner because it goes deep into the hair’s core to strengthen it from the inside out, making it ready for any hairstyle.
  1. Once dry, part your hair in half and start working from the bottom.
  1. Separate a wide section of hair and, with a curling iron, wrap the hair around the barrel toward the top. Then, turn your wrist and gently begin to release the section of hair downward. It is best done slowly rather than repeating the action two or three times in a hurry because the curls will not be well-defined.
  1. This same process will be done to the rest of your hair. Remember to always use a heat-protectant, such as the Pantene Pro-V Smooth Blow Dry Crème to protect your hair from the high temperatures of the curling iron.
  1. When you have reached the crown, start the process at the middle point of your hair and work your way down, to avoid marked, bulky and unmanageable curls. Repeat the same process with the hair on the other half of your crown.
  1. As a final touch, run your fingers or a wide-toothed comb through your curls so that the curls look more natural and do not remain stiff. To complete the style, do not forget to use a hairspray like Pantene Pro-V Stylers Flexible Hold Hairspray to give hair a natural hold and ensure the look stays in place throughout the night.

updo quienceanera


  1. The success of this look depends on achieving volume that lasts through the night. Volume is achieved when hair is properly washed. For this, I turn to Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner, which hydrates and nurtures the hair, leaving it ready for styling.


  1. Once your hair is dry, tie a sleek and tight side pony tail. To maintain the most polished look, I recommend using Pantene Pro-V Stylers Flexible Hold Hairspray, which keeps the pony tail in place and gives it the flexibility needed to continue working on the up-do.


  1. Pull back your hair and tie it with a thin hair tie. Separate a lock of hair from the rest of your hair at the front of your head, forming a kind of lateral fringe and reapply hairspray for easy molding. This completes the first phase.


  1. For the second phase of the hairdo, make an opening with your fingers in the hair above the hair tie. Pass half of the hair strands over the hair tie, through the hole and toward the neck.


  1. Collect the remaining hair strands with bobby pins so it remains firmly in place and the hairstyle begins to take the form of a bun. Fix the tips; feel free to add more pins if necessary. The side bun with a twist is now ready, which completes the second phase.


  1. For the third and final phase, remove the pins and pass all the hair tips through the opening created by your fingers in step 4.


  1. Give the pony tail more body by separating the strands collected under the twist. The final and most important step is to reapply hairspray so that the volume lasts throughout the night!
Pantene giveaway

Pantene giveaway


Here’s you chance to win the same products that Gabriel uses to create these fun summertime hairdos! Tell us below about a party your teen or tween is attending and the look you’re considering for her. You also can follow @LosTweens via Twitter, @LosTweensandTeens on Instagram and join us on the Los Tweens & Teen Facebook community for all the latest updates and hairdo photos.  The products are worth approximately $25 and will be shipped directly to you.

Please add your letters below by Monday, July 6th to be considered.

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  1. Me encantaron todos los peinados cualquier a que Le aga ami Hija Le quedaria MUY Lindos gracias Por los tips

  2. My daughter is having a party before starting middle school with her classmates and would love to give these tips a whirl on my daughters hair. 🙂

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