Surviving Summer with Tweens – Brave Activity Sheets

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I made an awful mistake!  I forgot to sign up the kids for summer camp.  I figured having them home wasn’t going to be a big deal.  The tween can basically entertain herself and my preschooler has a gazillion of toys.  We have a backyard.  They’ll find something to do…right?  WRONG!  After spending the day separating fights, cleaning up behind them and hearing, “We’re BORED!” a thousand times, I grabbed all of the kids and dragging them down to register them for camp.

Instead of completing the registration, writing off a nice check and walking back home glad that I could have some sanity back…I found myself begging and pleading with the camp coordinator to find some room, any room for them!  The response, “You should of signed up earlier!”.

Back at the house, I find a few seconds to check my emails and discover that the great Disney reps have read my mind once again – Brave activity sheets!  Ok it’s not summer camp but it will definitely keep my tween entertained for more than five minutes.  The kids are very excited about the movie so just the mention of Brave peaks their interest.  These would also be great for entertaining during a road trip!  Click on the links below to print.

I’ll keep you posted as to how the summer progresses.  Wish me luck!

Saludos y stay Brave!


Links to PDFS for printing:

Archery Squiggle Map

Banner Design

Coin Archery (Very cool!)

Cut Outs



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