Teaching Tweens to Give Back

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Ford C-Max Delivers in Miami with a Tank of Good

Disclaimer: Ford Provided the Los Tweens team with a C-Max loaner vehicle and a small budget to be spent 100% on charitable donations. All opinions are completely our own. 

LT #OTG Ford Collage 1

Just a week before Thanksgiving we were approached by Ford to deliver their “Tank of Good” program with the Ford C-Max in Miami. It turned out to be one of the most rewarding efforts we’ve completed with our tweens to date. For most of us Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy some of our favorite foods surrounded by friends and family cooking and creating together. We know not everyone has such blessings, so providing parents with ideas on how to teach kids early about empathy for others is a priority for our Los Tweens team.

Helping to teach tweens to actually go out of their way to do something for someone else- with NOTHING in return but the knowledge and enjoyment of doing so, was an opportunity we couldn’t resist. Turns out, the lesson may have been as good for the parents as for the kids! While we have worked on food drives before, purchasing the items and directly delivering them prior to enjoying our own family gatherings really was a rewarding experience. For our project we chose two organizations serving families in the South Florida Community. One was a Girl Scout troop who was helping families in a local church community and another was ‘Big Mama’s” team at Team of Life in Ft. Lauderdale.

Ford CMaxLT #OTG Collage 2

For both opportunities we had the tweens do most of the work. They selected the foods at a local store- making sure to watch for prices that would yield the most results for our limited budget. We also researched what foods were needed most by each charity. Turns out that the group led by Big Mama had a shortage of ‘protein.’ So we used all of the funds on whole turkeys and turkey breasts – delivering them by Tuesday so they could be distributed to families in time for Thanksgiving. Our Girl Scout troop needed more baby food and canned vegetables so we focused efforts and funds on those items.

All of the activities were conducted using the new C-Max hybrid family vehicle. The kids (and parents) LOVED the environmental angle of the car with a particular interest in the ‘electric charging’ equipment. Their generation surely will be the purchasers of such vehicles in mass numbers. As parents we can inspire our future by looking at vehicle choices that have a positive environmental impact while still delivering on the storage, space and style we need. We enjoyed driving the C-Max for a whole week and on Black Friday it was a breeze to park at the mall! The engine is so quiet I didn’t know when it was on most of the time. And guess how much gas did we use? A quarter tank?! Check out the C-Max Hybrid at a Ford dealer near you.

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3 thoughts on “Teaching Tweens to Give Back

  1. You and the tweens did such an amazing job with this program and thank you so much for pouring your hearts and souls into it- just like you do with EVERYTHING you take on. You helped improve the lives of some in your community and that’s all anyone can ever ask of you. 🙂

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