Teach older kids to save money- New Couwalla App can Help

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Los Tweens & Teens was invited to shop with the Couwalla App and provided a mall gift card to test it. As always, all opinions are our own. 

Do you talk to your growing kids about how to save money? I often do talk about saving but I don’t specifically teach them about saving with coupons. I like to save money so I certainly shop sales and use many of the coupons that I receive at home for my favorite brands and products. I have to be honest and say that if it’s not easy for me to get a coupon and use it, I usually don’t.

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I recently attended a delicious lunch at Brio Tuscan Grille  to hear about the Couwalla App Launch where savings are made easy. I had the pleasure of meeting former Miami Dolphins player and actual coupon expert Keith Sims (@KSims69 on Twitter) who is passionate about couponing but also about teaching kids to save from a young age.

Yes, a man who coupons and isn’t embarrassed to admit it! He offers a completely simple view and explanation on the benefits and simplified use of coupons. Keith is such a believer, advocate and daily user of coupons and saving money that Couwalla brought him on as a partner and spokesperson. It is great to see experts and passionate people behind and building a brand. You can check out his blog posts on Couwalla’s site: Coupon Keith Blog 

TIPS to Get Your Kids Saving Money with former football start Keith Simms 

I asked Keith to give our readers a few tips to get kids thinking about coupons and savings- check out his cool video:

In general Couwalla’s app development and management team continue creating unique saving opportunities for consumers. One of the partners has THREE kids in college- a strong reason to need to save every penny imaginable!

Regarding the app itself, simply put – it’s so easy to use. We were invited to shop and use it at Westfield Mall in South Florida – the shopping location where the app was launched. My favorite function is that the coupons actually worked in-store and loaded very quickly. With some of the other coupon apps that I have used, I often find a lack of coupons for the stores or brands that I like as well as the user experience being difficult. And it so happens that whenever I’m in a store other retail apps give me the online coupons so they don’t apply while I’m in store- what’s the point?

My favorite part of the Couwalla App actually has nothing to do with saving money and everything to do with donating to charity. Through its Couwalla Cares program, the company donates to a charity of your choice for every download of the app. So you get to save and donate? Yes! More details are here: http://couwalla.com/couwalla-cares/

Be sure to download the Couwalla app to give it a try. They are continuously adding new retail partners so be sure and check back on the website for the latest updates.



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