[Gift Guide] What to Buy for your Special Tween Girl

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I hear it over and over again: “What gift should I buy my tween daughter/granddaughter/friend’s daughter?”

When girls hit the tween years, they seem to become more and more difficult to purchase for.  Their requests come with higher price tags and what is popular today may no longer be popular tomorrow.

To help, I’ve compiled a list of top holiday gifts for tween girls this holiday season with varying price points.  And, be sure to scroll down for the American Girl Doll “Girl of the Year” Saige giveaway.

 716773 - Tekno Puppy - product-sm

1. Interactive Tekno Robotic Puppy 

So it may not be exactly the puppy they’ve been asking for but it has a lot less clean up and still provides a lot of fun.  The Tekno Robotic Puppy reacts to motion, voice and touch.  It lights up , makes noises and comes with a free app that lets those electronic obsessed tweens control it.  Check out this online video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0bm02N4FuM.  You can pick up Tekno Robotic Puppy at your local BJ’s Wholesale Club for $49.99 (which is much cheaper than I’ve seen it online).


2. Hair Ties 

These are not the scrunchies of our day.  They are elastic ties made out of soft fabric.  You can find them with beads or without.  They have become all the rage with my tween daughter and are a great stocking stuffer.  Make it a gift set by pairing the hair ties with a brush set and fun colored hair dryer.


3. Pillow Pets Glow Pets

Just when I thought the pillow pet craze was over it’s back with a vengeance and a night light.  The Pillow Pets Glow Pets are plush little friends that light up and are perfect for those tweens that are starting to outgrow the night light.  BJ’s has the pets available for $24.99.




4. Rainbow Loom

Colored duct tape is so last year!  Its all about the Rainbow Loom.  The colorful rubber band bracelets are popping up everywhere.  I like them because it provides my tween a creative outlet away from a screen.  The kits can be purchased online and extra bands can be purchased from many local retailers including Michael’s Craft Store.


5.  Furby Boom

Here’s another one making a come back.  Furby is re-hatching and this time with all new colors and an app.  Tweens can hatch, raise, clean, x-ray, feed, poop (eww!) and much more with the Furby Boom app.  Furby’s personality is shaped by playing with him and new Furblings can be hatched on the app.


6. American Girl Dolls

Popular when I was a child, American Girl dolls are still a hit today with new options and a “Girl of the Year”.  Since the holidays are a time for splurging, these higher priced dolls often make it on many tween girls’ lists.  If the tween girl in your life already has a doll, consider purchasing outfits and accessories.  American Girl is running many great promotions throughout the holidays.  Be sure to sign up for their e-mail list to receive all of their notifications.

Saige Doll and Book-Lo Res


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69 thoughts on “[Gift Guide] What to Buy for your Special Tween Girl

  1. My favorite holiday tradition is that my dad makes everyone in the family a special gift out of wood in his workshop! We can hear him down there weeks before working for hours on our special Christmas gifts! So awesome!

  2. I love spending time with my daughters drinking hot cocoa and watching all the Christmas specials.

  3. Getting together with my famiily on Christmas eve. We first meet at mass and later everyone comes back to our house and eats dinner.

  4. I love driving around to look at Christmas lights with my family. We try to take a drive every week in December to a different part of town to see the lights. We listen to Christmas carols and drink hot chocolate while viewing the lights.

  5. My favorite is having elf wars with my husband and seeing the kids excited over the crazy antics.

  6. I like getting together with the family for holiday meals and watching our favorite holiday movies.

  7. Our extended family and friends have gotten together for over 50 years on Christmas Eve. Grandpa Oscar started it, Uncle Stan and Aunt Wanda took it over and now their daughter and her husband are the hosts. 50+ people. Lots of babies over the years.. love it.

  8. I love going out with my family to look at area Christmas Light displays while listening to Christmas music.

  9. I love everything about Christmas, but without a doubt my favorite tradition is reading a different Christmas book each night of December. Adds a little extra cheer!

  10. My favorite tradition is going to my mom’s on Christmas Eve and having a Mexican dinner with my whole family. We exchange gifts and play board games. Such fun!

  11. I have so many favorite Holiday traditions. One is building a Gingerbread house with my daughter. Another is making smores in the fireplace. Most of all just being with my loved ones, especially my mommy.

  12. Our favorite holiday is Christmas. We love everything about that time of year.. Our tradition on that day is to watch all the home alone movies.

  13. My favorite tradition is going to church and celebrating the birth of Jesus with my family. My granddaughter would love me to the moon and back if I won this for her.

  14. My favorite family tradition is just all getting together. Even if we have to do Christmas months early we do it because having family during Christmas is the most important thing.

  15. My favorite Holiday Tradition is sharing a piece of chocolate with my mom every December evening until Christmas.

  16. Our favorite holiday tradition is holiday movie night the night before Christmas Eve. We all watch Christmas movies and drink hot cocoa.

  17. My favorite Holiday tradition is nerf wars. On Christmas day all the kids get a new nerf weapon. Later all the rest of the extended Family come over, we exchange gifts, we have Christmas Dinner and then shortly after we get out the box full of nerf weapons from past years and all the kids get a NERF weapon and us immature adults get our weapons too. Then its mass chaos! Everyone running about the house, Nerf darts, balls, disc’s, you name it is flying all around the house, people running, ducking and diving while shooting at one another. It’s good clean Family fun…. with NERF. You gotta try it.

  18. My favorite holiday tradition is singing Happy Birthday on Christmas to Jesus, my kids make him presents and cards and we throw a birthday celebration for HIM

  19. I love to spend a whole Saturday before Christmas baking/frosting cookies with my mom, daughter, sister and nieces. We listen to Christmas carols, and have the greatest time together!

  20. My favorite Christmas tradition is baking Christmas cookies with my daughter like I did with my mom and grandmother

  21. All of the adults in my family open Christmas presents to each other on Christmas Eve, and we save the kids stuff for Christmas morning. Its fun to sit around at night and talk and laugh. 🙂

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  22. My favorite holiday tradition is driving around with the family looking at all the Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate! I just love it!

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