Tween Holiday Gift Ideas – 2012

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Depending on the age of your tween, they may still love their dolls and action figures but they will start falling lower on your tween’s holiday lists.  They’re being replaced by expensive electronics.  My kids continue to ask if they can have their own iPads…ummm, NO!  And we parents aren’t the only ones struggling to figure out what to purchase for our tweens, abuelos, tios y tias, and family amigos are all scratching their heads as well.  So, we thought we’d lend you a helping hand this holiday season with a Pinterest Board of tween gift ideas.  Here are some of our favorites:

Book Series & Bilingual Books

One Christmas, Maddy’s godmother bought her the entire Roald Dahl collection.  She loved it and read every book one after the other.  Book series are a great gift for tweens.  They encourage them to read and continue reading. Another great idea, toss in some bilingual books to encourage tweens to practice another language.  Need suggestions?  Our amiga Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz has bilingual book reviews that can help you decide.

Roald Dahl Collection Will Keep Your Tween Reading Year Round

Bilingual Books are Great Gifts! Check out for more book ideas.


Bikes, Scooters and Safety Gear

I love purchasing the kids bikes, ride-ons or scooters for the holidays.  It encourages them to play outside and exercise.  The Flash Rider 360 Scooter tops my son’s Christmas list this year and Cristy’s daughter Sophia wants the Huffy Green Machine.  These “non-traditional” scooters/bikes are trendy with tweens and fun to play with.  And, don’t forget a helmet!  Helmets have come a long way with wild designs and faux-mohawks.  Tweens won’t complain about wearing these.

The Flash Rider 360 gets the tweens moving and outdoors!

You can't tell me this helmet isn't cool!

Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes

I love shoes but I didn’t realize my tween was already developing a shoe habit as well!  Apparently, it starts early.   Toms, Crocs and Converse are big hits with tweens right now because of their fun colors and designs. Although they can be pricey- check online for deals as they do exist! (Abuela got a good online deal for our familia..)

Hello Kitty Crocs - Fun and Furry!

The classic high-top Converse


Oldies But Goodies

Did you have an Etch-A-Sketch when you were a tween?  “Classic” toys will always been entertaining which makes them great holiday gifts.

Classic gifts are forever fun


Still not sure what to purchase for the tween in your life this holiday season?  My article on “Tween Birthday Gift Ideas” may inspire you or check out the rest of our ideas on our “Gifts for Tweens” Pinboard.  AND, share any tween gift ideas you have.

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