Remarkable Tween Resolutions

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Better late than never I recall a few weeks ago asking a few close friends to have their tween’s contribute their new years resolutions.  And I have to admit that I was somewhat surprised.  Allow me to explain,  I was expecting to have our tween’s want material things rather than real genuine goals.  I have to say that I am proud to post these 3 tween resolutions that stood out to me.  First off we have Maddy, Olivia, and Sofia who all want to be on the Principal’s Honor roll.  (At this age I was more worried about TV.)  We have Maddy who wants to be a big sister and help out mom as much as she can.  Wow!   Olivia who wants to play piano and learn the Spanish language.  And then we come to Sofia who wants to earn a dog and swim faster.  Let’s just be happy she’s asking for a dog and not a pony but hey…



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It was hard for me to decide what my New Year’s resolutions were because I am mostly happy with my grades, sports and family.  After thinking for a long time, I have decided on two: I want to be better at helping my parents with my new little sister and I want to study more for Math.  If I get a better grade in Math then I can be on the Principal’s list.


Olivia, 9

– get on Principal’s Honor Roll

– learn how to play Basketball better now that I made the team

– run faster times for PE

– starting a book club between our Girl Scout troop

– learn more Spanish and other languages (yeah from mom!)

– go back to dance classes – any type

– learn more songs on piano


Sophia, 9


– get responsible enough to earn a dog (oh no!)

– run faster

– move up in to Principal’s honor roll

– practice more guitar to get better

-learn to swim faster

– talk a little less in class

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