Back to School Vision Screening for Kids

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This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Transitions Optical. However, as always all opinions expressed certainly are my own.

It seems just last week that we were talking about summer travel planning and now it’s already time for back to school! With most of the country officially returning to school by the first week of September- your back-to-school plan should include scheduling an annual vision test for your kids. Did you know that according to Transitions Optical, one in four children have an undiagnosed vision problem that can interfere with the ability to read and learn?

Transitions 6

My girls were unfortunately gifted with my poor eyesight so they have been wearing glasses since second grade. By the end of the last school year in May, my girls were complaining that they couldn’t see the board clearly while in the classroom. They continued asking their teachers to be moved up in the row. This becomes distracting to everyone around including the teacher, other students and most of all for your child. At the tween age between 7-12, kids don’t like to bring much attention to themselves, especially negative attention. Now, at the beginning of the school year, is the time to GET YOUR KID’S EYES CHECKED!

Since my girls have to wear prescriptive lenses at all times, they don’t have the opportunity to wear fun fashionable sunglasses. They do enjoy selecting a cute pair of glasses each year. Over the last year they asked me about Transitions lenses. I honestly hadn’t thought about it as a cost-effective solution for this issue. Playing recess at school or sports with the sun hitting your eyes is not easy. Once I looked into the prescription glasses coverage by way of our vision insurance- the additional cost for Transitions only is $40.


  • Check your insurance coverage and options before your screening- you may be surprised at the low-cost options
  • Book with an in-network provider (I saved more than $100 by changing to in-network)
  • Consider the sun protection as well as prescription needs
  • Let kids have fun with their frame selection! Glasses are part of their fashion style. Let their personality shine through.

Also see our post about Vision Screening for the Adults. 

We did get our vision screening done before school started. Turns out both of my girls needed a stronger prescription so we ordered the new glasses with Transitions lenses and they are in love with them!

Transitions BTS

Because eighty percent of what a child learns is visual, Transitions developed the “Eye Didn’t Know That” (“Yo No Sabia Eso”) website for kids in both English and Spanish. Kids and adults can go onto the site and find lots of easy interactive and educational tools about vision, healthy diet and how to select the right glasses. It also talks about protecting young eyes from the sun. We protect our children’s skin with sunscreen but also need to worry about their eyes in the sun! According to Transitions, children are more at risk of the eye-damaging effects of UV exposure than adults.  I had no idea that the eye of a child under the age of ten allows more than six times the amount of UV light to penetrate than an adult’s eye. Sun protection for the eyes is essential and of course, more comfortable. Because Transitions lenses block 100 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays – they help to protect the health and wellness of your eyes.

It’s not too late to schedule your child’s vision screening this year. Call today!




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