Valentine’s Day

[Shopping] 50 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Stylish Mompreneur

Our founder, Cristy, is the ultimate mompreneur. She juggles two digital businesses and two teen girls with passion, discpline, hard work….and lots of love. That’s why we decided to find the best gifts she’ll LOVE to receive this Valentine’s Day – and if she would love it, we are sure other mompreneurs will do too! […]

Valentine Gift Ideas for The Whole Family

The Los Tweens & Teens team has created our first-ever gift guide and we have Valentine ideas for the whole family- it’s the Mucho Amor Collection of Unique Gifts for Tweens, Teens & Their Influencers. We thought of your  familia including tweens, teens and their influencers like Tias (Aunties) and abuelos (grandparents) and of course […]

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Tweens

If there is one piece of advice I could give any parent it would be to show your children how much you love them every day.  As they get older, schedules become more complicated and children become less attached at the hip.  It is easy to forget to hug and kiss your child, tell them […]

Tween Boy (or Girl) Valentine’s Day Card Print Out

My tween son has always had the generic store-bought Valentine’s Day cards because I just couldn’t figure out what was “cool” for boys on Valentine’s Day.  Heck, I even have trouble trying to figure out what to give my husband.  But this Valentine’s Day, I made it my mission to sit down with him and […]

Tween Friendly Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl parties are easy, right? All you need is a few snacks, a large TV and a big couch.  Ahhh, clearly you don’t have children.  Parents know that just when you’re settled down to watch the big game, the kids are going to come running over to complain that they’re bored, hungry or both! […]