American Latino Heritage

Love & Sacrifice: What it’s (Really) Like for Latino Families Living in the U.S.

By: Dennis Sanchez Founder, Marcar Visions Marketing & Los Compadres, Modern Caballeros Many people ask me, “why do you put so much time and effort in the Latino community?” Others ask me, “What’s in it for you?” And my favorite, “Why do you spend so much time on something that’s not going to make you […]

Days 1 & 2 of the 2012 American Latino Heritage Road Trip

Los Tweens & Teens Covering the Mid-Atlantic Region An Awakening at Antietam & Gettysburg  Latinos and the Civil War isn’t always the first combination that comes to mind when thinking about our nation’s greatest conflict 150 years later. Having grown up in this country and completing enough school projects on the Civil War would suggest […]

A National Park a la Tweens Vacation Experience – Ideas & More – Part 1

Theme: Happy husband and kids while on vacation- Dios Mio– what a challenge! A few years back my husband watched the Ken Burns special on PBS “America’s National Parks” and then ‘silly me’ – I bought him a National Geographic book on the National Parks- it has been a blessing and curse wrapped into one! […]