Make a Fun Tie-Dye Cake with Disney Theme

I love to bake- siiii, it’s true. My Abuelo was a baker and owned a bakery in Havana and later in New York when he immigrated to the USA from Cuba in the late 6Os. So I certainly follow in his footsteps. I loved the opportunity to create a yummy tie-dye cake with Duff’s creative […]

Crunchy Snickers Cupcakes Recipe

These Crunch Snickers Cupcakes were a HUGE hit at my recent party with the tweens and adults.  They are extremely simple to make and a great way to get rid of the extra holiday candy lying around the house.  I had the idea after one of the the moms in my son’s Kindergarten class made […]

Simple Brownie Bites Recipe

I was still feeling under the weather this weekend and guilty about not helping chaperone a Girl Scout field trip when I devised this simple twist on classic brownies to lift my (and the girls’) mood.   Brownie Bites are an easy to make, no fuss and portable sweet treat perfect for field trips and […]

Breakfast Tostadas for Dinner

By Vianney Rodriguez This has to be one of the greatest ideas ever brought to the table. Obviously, a terrific mom invented this idea. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals so; I get a little giddy when my kids ask for breakfast for dinner. I’m in. Breakfast tostadas are hearty, easy and adaptable to […]

No Bake Cupcakes – Perfect Summer Recipe for Tweens!

By Art Rodriguez, Latino Foodie With the temperature rising, it is getting harder to stay in the kitchen for any length of time. The blazing sun fills our LatinoFoodie kitchen with its warmth to the point of broiling our potted house plants. The doggies pant for relief as the kids slowly disintegrate into the couch. Just […]

I Heart a Valentine’s Sugar Cookie: From a Love Affair to a Family Affair

ANOTHER GREAT COOKING EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR TWEEN PROVIDED BY     I heart sugar cookies and these soft pillows of sugary goodness are not just for Christmas.  These cookies are so easy and yummy you’ll never use another recipe again.  Using orange zest is what gives this cookie an extra special flavor. The best part […]

Tips for Holiday Baking with Your Tween

When my tween, Maddy, was three year’s old, we spent an entire day baking and decorating gingerbread cookies.  I still remember her big smile as she swiped pink frosting on a gingerbread “woman” – she decided they weren’t going to be an men except for maybe one daddy gingerbread. Since then, we have spent every […]

Halloween Food Fun with Tweens

Here’s some tween-involved Halloween fun! Cristy Clavijo-KishCristy is the founder and publisher of Los Tweens & Teens, as well as the co-CEO & partner of DiMe Media, based in Miami. Born to Cuban parents, she’s a ‘Jersey Girl’ who is the proud mom of twin teens and wife to her college sweetheart, a “gringo” with […]