[Vide] Launches Bilingual “First-Day Ready Guide” for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilites

The beginning of a new school year can be challenging for all children, but it is an especially difficult time for families with children who struggle with reading and writing, math, focus and organization. One in five children in the U.S. have learning and attention issues, like ADHD and dyslexia, and many never receive a formal […]

Shakira Launches New Bilingual App “Grow Parenting” with Fisher Price

Colombian superstar, Skakira, happens to also be a super mom and super philantropist. Along with toys gigant, Fisher Price, she launched a new mobile bilingual app that includes over 1,800 parenting and activities with the aim of stimulate the development of babies and school children. Through these ideas, the free app help parents positively influence […]

[En Español] ofrece ayuda a familias de niños con dificultades de aprendizaje y de atención

Ganador del premio 2015 Webby Award como mejor sitio sobre Best Family/Parenting, es un recurso comprensivo bilingüe y gratuito  creado por 15 organizaciones sin fines de lucro para empoderar a las familias de ese 1 de cada 5 niño con dificultades de aprendizaje y de atención (por ejemplo, TDAH, dislexia, procesamiento auditivo, disgrafía), a […]

The Joy of… Camping

By Fernando Rodríguez, Los Tweens & Teens Contributing ‘Dad’ Expert I still remember the first time we went camping with our three daughters. The thought that I would end up doing everything kept haunting me. Therefore I was in shock when the words “Daddy can we set up the tent?” came out of their mouths. […]

My Bilingual Child Hates Spanish Class

by Tracy López for Mamiverse   It’s the worst nightmare of a parent trying to raise a bilingual child. “I hate Spanish class and I have all my foreign language credits now—I don’t want to take it next year. Are you going to make me?”  Those were the words of  my 14 year old son, a […]

Benefits of Raising Bilingual Children

by Elizabeth Heath for In our day and age, raising a child to be bilingual is seen as a positive step, as it will help him communicate with more people and be more desirable in the job market. But increasingly, research is showing that bilingual kids are cognitively more advanced than their monolingual peers. In […]

A Case for Bilingual Education

A Case for Bilingual Education in the U.S. School System By Barbara Mascareno Is it possible to administer a great educational system for all children, from all cultural background, and languages? That’s what Maria’s parents thought when they moved their family from Central America to the United States. Maria had a strong foundation in Spanish, […]