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[Video] Smart Options to Your Get Your Teen to College – #ForTheDream

Please see the Terms of Use for sponsored content this Site. All opinions expressed are our own. I can still vividly remember telling my Puerto Rican parents that I wanted to go to Miami for college. They said “Tu quieres ir por Menudo, ¿verdad?” (You want to go because of Menudo, right?). We all laughed. Menudo […]

Have a High School Senior at Home? Applications for Coca-Cola’s Scholarship are Now Open

As seniors gear up for their last year of school, the excitement can be contagious at home. But for parents, the stress and pressure of impending tuitions is just around the corner. That’s why we’re excited to share some news with you!   This year’s Coca-Cola scholarship application is now available online at Coca-Cola is […]