Earth Day

[Video] 7 Ideas to Influence Tweens & Teens to Care for the Environment

As kids age there is no denying that they look to the adults in their lives as true examples of behavior, habits, ideas, beliefs, etc. Demonstrating care for our environment by showing how to make their own small impact is ESSENTIAL at this point. You can’t keep putting it off or assuming that they’ll learn […]

Earth Day #45 – Make it About Change!

PARENT AND INFLUENCER ALERT!!  Our tweens and teens are watching us- make an impact! Earth Day is a chance to show you care, as Tweens & Teens should- about our environment DO YOU KNOW THAT IN 2015 THE EARTH DAY CELEBRATION TURNS 45? Most of us assume it’s a much more modern concept but conservation […]

Los preadolescentes y el Día de la Tierra – AYUDALOS!

EL Día de la Tierra ha sido muy especial para mí durante los últimos 17 años ya que es mi aniversario de boda! Y, para mejor fortuna me casé con un Ingeniero Ambiental – sí, has leído bien! Cuando reconocí que el sábado 22 de abril en 1995 estaba disponible para mi boda, supe que […]

Earth Day Report- An Engineer, Tweens & Recycling

Earth Day has been extra special for me for the last 17 years… it’s my wedding anniversary!  And, I married an Environmental Engineer – yes, you read correctly!  When I saw April 22nd available as a Saturday wedding date back in 1995, I just knew it would be special for years to come.  But even […]