[VIDEO] Why You Should Watch “Premios Tu Mundo” with Your Kids

*ESTA NOTA EN ESPAÑOL DEBAJO* The annual Premios Tu Mundo show airs LIVE on Telemudo August 20th at 7 pm EST and makes Miami sizzle even more with the hottest Latino celebrities and entertainers ready to dazzle fans with their performances. Since parents need to know all about who’s hot and enjoy the fashionable ‘azul’ […]

Becky G Shares On Being Famous and Her Music #CoverMoment

Every tween wants to know, what’s it like to be famous?  Be on stage?  Sing to hundreds and hundreds of screaming fans? Becky G is making waves in the music industry as one of a very few Latina hip hop artists.  She joins Austin Mahone on the MTV Artist to Watch concert tour and the […]

[Video] American Girl Miami Store Review & Giveaway

American Girl store opens in Miami’s The Falls Mall, Miami to much anticipation  Just in time for the holidays, read below for a full DOLL GIVEAWAY!  Maybe you think ‘tweens’ and then ‘American Girl’ and wonder if they’re too old for the dolls? Our visit to the grand opening proves otherwise. More importantly, what we […]

Fun for the Family Disney’s “Wreck-It-Ralph”

It’s always a good sign when the tweens walk out of a movie humming a new song and giggling.  That’s just what happened at the end of Disney’s newest movie “Wreck-It-Ralph”.  The girls even asked to stay through the credits because they wanted to see more! The plot of “Wreck-It-Ralph” is pretty simple.  Ralph is […]

Los juegos- Family Game Night a los tweens

Family Game Reviews “Hedbanz” by www.spinmaster.com When asked by friends what my girls would like for their birthday, I answered a number of them with “board games.” This was my request and less from the girls but it worked out nicely. I feel we spend too much time playing online or with gaming consoles and […]