Family game night

Join your Tween’s Craze- One Direction Board Game Giveaway!

Are you managing tween and teen girl crazinesss over the latest British invasion known as One Direction?? My mother refers to them as ‘esos muchachitos’ (those young guys).. LOL.  Earlier this year I took a group of 8 screaming tween girls to see the One Direction documentary film “This is Us”.  It was quite the experience!! […]

Family Game Review: Wits and Wagers

“Wits and Wagers” by North Star Games HTTP://WWW.CUSTOMESSAYWRITINGSERVICESS.COM/ Be sure to check out the Facebook Contest information below! It’s a predictable chain of events.  After a big family dinner, the kids take out a board game and beg everyone to play.  Abuela will always say yes.  Abuelo will always say no.  Eventually after the kids […]

Family Game Review: Say Anything

“Say Anything” by North Star Games   During my trip to the Blogalicious conference in DC last October I was introduced to the North Star Games brand of family games. I played onsite and was given a copy for review on LosTweens. Just recently we got around to actually playing the game as a family. […]

Los juegos- Family Game Night a los tweens

Family Game Reviews “Hedbanz” by When asked by friends what my girls would like for their birthday, I answered a number of them with “board games.” This was my request and less from the girls but it worked out nicely. I feel we spend too much time playing online or with gaming consoles and […]