[#Shopping] 10 of the Coolest & Girly T-Shirts We Found Online

We love shopping for ourselves, for our tweens, for our significant others, for our parents, for newphews… so we decided why not share our love for shopping with you – our readers! Starting today, every Wednesday will be #ShopWednesdays, where we’ll specially curate a collection of 10 items we absolutely L O V E online, […]

[FOTOS] 13 fabulosos “looks” de nuestra mami-fashionista favorita, Jennifer Lopez, en American Idol XIV

por: Anllelic Lozada, M.S. “Tia-in-Charge,” Los Tweens & Teens La “super-latina” Jennifer López no sólo es cantante, actriz, empresaria y madre de gemelos, pero también es una de las “top” fashionistas en el mundo. Como una de las jueces del famoso programa de talento, American Idol, ella brilla todas las semanas con un nuevo estilo […]

[PHOTOS] A handbag that changes colors and charges your phone? Yep, there’s an app for that!

A handbag that can allows you to match your dress? Check. A handbag that can be synchronized to your favorite song? Check. A handbag that recommends a lucky color based on your birthdate? Check. A handbag that flashes when you receive a phone call? Check. A handbag that charges your tablet or phone? Check. It looks like the perfect bag is finally […]

Miami Fashion Night Out with Supermodel & Supermom Niki Taylor

During Miami’s Fashion Night Out 2012 at Macy’s- our aspiring Los Tweens fashionistas got an opportunity to meet a real fashionista herself- supermodel and MOM Niki Taylor! As my friend and fellow blogger Rosy Cordero described Niki- “she’s one of the coolest and most down to earth people I’ve met”- and I would have to […]