Open Lines of Communication Between School and Home #Futuro2020

In her second video for the #Futuro2020 series, Amber (www.thriftyninja.net)  shares how she monitors her older tweens’ grades.  With changing technology, communication between home and school no longer has to be done via in person meetings or phone calls.  Emails provide fast and easy ways of communicating between parents, teachers and school administrators.  Web sites […]

Tips for Being Screen Free & More Involved #Futuro2020

When my eldest tween was seven – the same age as Michelle’s twins – I made the decision to ban television viewing during the week in my home.  Four years later, I can say it was one of the BEST parenting decisions I made.  When I saw in Michelle’s (familyloveinmycity.com) first video for the Futuro2020 […]

Be Present at Home AND at School #Futuro2020

In her follow-up video, Latina mom of tweens, Candy from Candypolooza.com, shares how she is working on being more involved in her children’s school.  She offers real tips on how to get more involved in the classroom from actually assisting the teacher to helping with grading and projects from home.  Candy encourages all parents to […]

Be Active in Your Child’s Education #Futuro2020

The #Futuro2020 and #CelebrateEDU series is a compensated program with Hispanic CREO and Los Tweens.  However, all opinions expressed are as always our own.  When your tween comes home from school extremely upset about something, do you: a. Ignore them.  After all tweens are almost as dramatic as teens! b. Call your amigas to chat […]

Set Goals for Being Involved in Your Tween’s School #Futuro2020

Do you have a goal to be more involved in your child’s school?  You should! Michelle from www.familyloveinmycity.com shares her goals and why it’s important to her to be involved in her tween’s education.  She also shares a new rule she is implementing in her house for the 2013-2014 school year.  Watch the video and […]

Getting Involved in Your Child’s School Early #Futuro2020

Candy from Candypolooza.com shares what it means to be a Latina military mom focused on receiving the best education for her children.  With a seven year-old tween in first grade, Candy has made it a priority to get involved early. The #Futuro2020 and #CelebrateEDU series is a compensated program with Hispanic CREO and Los Tweens.  However, […]

Education – Communication and Engagement

  Los Tweens has partnered with Hispanic CREO’s Futuro 2020 campaign to bring you a series of posts and videos on parental involvement, education reform and celebrating children’s achievements.  Throughout the Fall of 2013, we will be sharing with you more information on ways that you can be involved with your child’s education – from […]