18 Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips for Parents

It is estimated that more than 41 million children will trick-or-treat nationwide this Halloween. The nation’s emergency physicians offer a few tips to make sure that your child stays safe and that any fright is the fun kind – that doesn’t include a health scare or trip to the emergency department. We recommend: 10 of […]

America’s Top 5 High-Tech Haunted Attractions

Let’s face it, we Americans are hard to impress. As the most technologically advanced and creative nation worldwide, expectations are high in entertainment. Want to build a Halloween attraction to scare visitors and build it into a profitable business? You better be both an engineer and an artist.   “We are talking high budget 4D, […]

[Shopping] 50 Cute & Chic Halloween T-Shirts for Moms & Teens You Can Buy Online

You are probably the mom who want to be a good sport and show you are a cool mom that loves wearing costumes, but deep inside you wish you moms could be exempt from dressing up. Pretend no more and reach a happy medium with a chic & cute halloween t-shirt that you can easily […]

How to do a Half-Up French Braid Ponytail for Halloween

Braids are totally in this season, and what better way to wear one than on Halloween! This sleek hairstyle will go with various costume ideas and offers lots of versatility.  Whether you’re putting on a work appropriate costume, strutting around campus or impressing friends at a party, rocking a trending hairstyle is always a good idea! […]

[En Español] Cómo crear una cena en casa inspirada en el ‘Dia de los Muertos’

Día de los Muertos ha ganado popularidad en los últimos años, especialmente en el mundo de la moda y de la cultura pop, ¿pero conoces el rico simbolismo detrás de la comida y las decoraciones de esta fiesta tradicional mexicana? Cada primero y 2 de noviembre, familias y amigos honran la vida de sus seres […]

[For Teens] 10 of the Coolest Celebrity Halloween Costumes

We also can’t get enough of young Hollywood: they are cool, rich, uber-talented and super cute…what’s not to love? And when it comes to fashion….well, they are VERY fashionable! So, we decided to get some spooky & fun  inspiration from the masters of red-carpet-shining by curating our favorite 10 Halloween teen celebrity customes. Tell us […]

[#Shopping] 12 of the Coolest Non-Costume Halloween Options for Boys & Girls

Not the costume type? No biggie! In this edition of our #Shopping series, we have curated the 12 most fashionable Halloween-inspired clothes we could find online. Your teen and tween – or you – will still be in the Halloween spirit without the funny or scary part 🙂 What’s our #Shopping series? We love shopping […]

Fun with my Family at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

From the tram to the monorail, a sea of adults and children dressed like Peter Pan, Luke Skywalker, Ursula, and Alice from Wonderland, join you in entering Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. It is so fun to see all the families, friends and groups bring all the Disney characters to life with their imagination.  My family […]

Adding Milk and No-Bake Candy Corn, Chocolate, Oats Balls Recipe

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and MilkPEP.  However, all opinions expressed are my own. How much milk do you drink?  The #HerenciaLeche campaign got me thinking about the amount of milk I’m not currently drinking or motivating my kids to drink. My husband is a milk fanatic. My Abuelita […]

How to Throw a Halloween Party at Home

DISCLAIMER: Los Tweens & Teens created a fun Halloween familia party with items of our own and Party City sent us new Halloween items to add. All opinions are our own.  Halloween is not everyone’s favorite holiday but it can be fun when managed as a family. You may not want to do the work […]

Get the Halloween Look: Hunger Games Catching Fire

Have your tweens read Hunger Games?  Did they watch the first movie? Dealing with very adult matters and with movies rated higher than we usual let our tweens watch, Hunger Games has been an interest that we have been slow to allow our tweens to get into.  But now that they are on the older […]

Get your House Halloween Ready for Tweens & Teens

DISCLAIMER: Los Tweens & Teens created some fun Halloween scenes with items of our own and Party City sent us new Halloween items to add. However, all opinions are our own.  One part of kids growing up a little bit is you can start to have a some more fun without the worry of getting […]

Tween Trick-Or-Treating Alone – Ha!

Want to hear something absolutely hilarious?  So funny that it gave us all a good laugh and I still chuckle thinking about it.  Our tweens have asked us if they could go trick-or-treating alone this year!  As our amiga Bohemian Babushka would say, “Ju so foni!” Cristy, my sister and I had a good laugh […]

Halloween Craft: Glitter Pumpkins

  Just in time for Halloween, a craft is perfect for tweens (and siblings) because it is simple and involves one of their favorite supplies to work with – glitter glue.   Supplies: Small Pumpkins Glitter Glue (any color although gold works best) Spider Stickers   Squeeze the glitter glue from the stem down the […]