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If You Are a Minority Woman in the USA, You Are at Higher Risk of These Health Issues

Major Health Disparities Minority women make up 35% of women in the United States, and by 2050 are expected to make up the majority. There are many health issues that affect women, but minority women are affected and impacted at even higher, disproportionate rates. The following are 5 that stand out the most: 1.Diabetes Diabetes is already considered […]

Ana Quincoces Wants Us To Vive Mejor

Chef, Real Housewives of Miami star, attorney, cook book author and Latina mom, Ana Quincoces has added another item on her to-do list.  She’s partnered with Vive Mejor, a Spanish-language web resource, to share her recipes.  Ana sat down with us during a the Vive Mejor party in Miami to discuss teaching tweens traditions, getting […]

Set Goals for Being Involved in Your Tween’s School #Futuro2020

Do you have a goal to be more involved in your child’s school?  You should! Michelle from shares her goals and why it’s important to her to be involved in her tween’s education.  She also shares a new rule she is implementing in her house for the 2013-2014 school year.  Watch the video and […]