Spending Quality “Mami & Tween” Time During the Summer – Tips

Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Dole Packaged Foods, LLC. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Every conversation with another mom recently has started with, “What are you doing with the kids this summer?” While everyone is scrambling to find summer camps and fill their tween’s days […]

Sofia Vergara’s Emmy Look Can Be Yours

  Sofia Vergara’s look at the 2012 Emmy Award’s was muy caliente!  While many of us moms can’t pull off the dress, we can at least get a piece of the glam by replicating the caramel makeup look.  Sofia’s make-up artist shared the latest and classic CoverGirl products and step-by-step techniques.  Here’s how she did […]

Staycation for Family Bonding

  We spent our summer vacation visiting with friends and family.  We had an amazing time with a lot of memories and fun.  But there was something missing.  My family – the five of us – were always surrounded by abuelas, primos, tias, y amigos.  Clearly a blessing and I am not complaining.  But, I […]

Britto Elevates Baby Gear to Art

The options for strollers when my tween was a baby weren’t many.  You had your standard blue, pink and maybe a green and they all looked the same.  We reused the stroller for my middle child but threw it out after that.  So, you can imagine my shock when I was pregnant with my third […]

Self-Confidence Not Surgery

As I watched a major national news program on a recent morning, my interest was piqued by a story of a 14 year old girl who was being bullied at school because of her large ears. Wow, pobrecita!  Her mother seeks out a non-profit which funds cosmetic surgeries. Que!?!  Aren’t moms supposed to tell their […]

Is Your Tween Being Bullied?

Bullying is not always easy to detect in our children. Children who are bullied or threatened at school may deny or minimize their bullying experiences for a number of reasons. For example, they may want to preserve a perceived friendship, maintain participation in a social circle, or fear that if their parents become involved, they […]

How can the Olympics Help Inspire our Tweens and Teens?

HTTP://WWW.MORTGAGEREFINANCEE.COM/ The Countdown to the 2012 Olympics is On! On June 20, Los Tweens and My Los Tweens attended the kickoff event for P&G and Orgullosa’s partnership with Olympic Gold Medal Wrestler Henry Cejudo and his mom Nelly Rico.   Their goal is to raise $500,000 for the P&G/Team USA Youth Sports fund that supports athletic programs across […]

Father’s Day with Los Tweens – Dia de los Padres

Remember the TV shows where the only interaction a father had with his child was the pat they gave them on the head while making themselves a cocktail before sitting down to read the paper? My dad was similar except he didn’t have a cocktail and was usually reaching for the remote control. Times have […]

Responding to Your Tween Saying "I Hate You"

By Katherine Doble-Cannata I remember it well.  It was probably one of my proudest moments as a parent.  I finally felt like all of my time, effort and sleepless nights were being validated.  Sure, I was shocked at first and maybe a little insulted but then it was pure joy. No, I am not describing […]

[VIDEO] Celebrate Moms of Tweens- Las Madres de Los Tweens

aaayyyyaaaaa- Can you hear the song.. “Canta y no llores” – Sing and don’t cry Moms of Tweens! What do Tween moms most likely have in common? Stress and smiles! Kids ages 7-12 require our attention at an amazing pace. You hear the Abuelas and voices of experience refer to newborns and teenagers as the ’tough […]

Sticky Note Reality – Tired Moms Teaching Our Tweens

When I left my 9-5 job to work on my own ventures, including Los Tweens, I had grandiose ideas of spending lots of time with my three kids, exercising regularly, and working on those scrapbooks I’ve been swearing I’d put together since Maddy was born 10 years ago.  Reality – (a reality which many business […]

Breaking the Cycle of Silence Among Us, Women

   By Katherine Doble-Cannata   “You can’t talk about your problems online.  What happens at home, stays en la casa.” This was the reaction one of my female family members had after learning about the concept of Los Tweens.  Of course, how could I dream of sharing online the challenges of being a parent.  I […]

Turkey, Gravy and Vegetable Juice?? Thanksgiving Traditions

By: Katherine Doble-Cannata As kids, my brother, sister and I dreaded the beginning of Thanksgiving dinner, all because of the small glass of thick, red vegetable juice expectantly perched at each of our place settings.  Each year we were cruelly expected to drink it all (by Mami) before diving into the mashed potatoes and stuffing, […]