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4 Fun Activities to Keep Kids’ Brains Active During Summer

Hello summer, hello beach time, and hello holidays! Also hello children, and hello countless hours spent playing video games and watching TV – everyone’s favourite summer activities. As a parent, you get a little bit relieved because they’re at least calm, but you cannot help feeling a bit nervous and wondering shouldn’t there be an […]

Earth Day #45 – Make it About Change!

PARENT AND INFLUENCER ALERT!!  Our tweens and teens are watching us- make an impact! Earth Day is a chance to show you care, as Tweens & Teens should- about our environment DO YOU KNOW THAT IN 2015 THE EARTH DAY CELEBRATION TURNS 45? Most of us assume it’s a much more modern concept but conservation […]

Tips for Healthier School Lunches

A sandwich, chips and a juice box were the staples of my school lunch.  I like to think that I turned out alright.  But I want better for my children. Research has proven that healthy and balanced school lunches help children concentrate better in the classroom and prevent obesity.   It also encourages a lifetime […]

Fourth of July Survival Kit for Moms

Disclaimer: Los Tweens was given some of the following items to review.  However, all opinions are our own. With three children ranging in ages from 12 to 2, the Fourth of July (like most holidays) can be stressful.  The day usually starts early with the kids waking up extra excited and ready to go.  We […]

Be Present at Home AND at School #Futuro2020

In her follow-up video, Latina mom of tweens, Candy from, shares how she is working on being more involved in her children’s school.  She offers real tips on how to get more involved in the classroom from actually assisting the teacher to helping with grading and projects from home.  Candy encourages all parents to […]

Staycation for Family Bonding

  We spent our summer vacation visiting with friends and family.  We had an amazing time with a lot of memories and fun.  But there was something missing.  My family – the five of us – were always surrounded by abuelas, primos, tias, y amigos.  Clearly a blessing and I am not complaining.  But, I […]

Let’s Celebrate Tween School Year Success

  No es facil! It’s not easy being a tween.  There’s growing peer pressure, increasing school work, science projects, the looming threat of puberty and those nasty chores that we keep begging them to do – no es fácil!  One of the ways that we make it through the year in our homes is by celebrating successes […]

How Changing Diapers Helped My Kids Bond

  When Carmen, our third child was born, I sunk into the baby haze. Sleepless nights, never-ending days, piles and piles of diapers and constant feedings similar to a 24 hour McDonald’s drive thru. Maddy, my tween, bonded with her baby sister at birth. It was pure amor on both of their parts. Jonathan, my […]

Arming Tweens with Winning Smiles

  “Have you brushed your teeth?”   “Did you brush your teeth?”   “Don’t forget to brush your teeth.”   “When was the last time you brushed your teeth!?!”   Reminding the kids to take care of their teeth feels like a full time job in my house.  But when we received the new Crest […]

Preparing for the New School Year – Tips from a Teacher

; By Kathryn Nuñez, 5th Grade Teacher As you cross out the days on your calendar, it’s becoming painfully clear to us teachers, parents and students that the first days of school are fast approaching. As summer is nearing its end and the adventure of a new school year begins along with the managing of […]

Getting la Familia into the 2012 Olympics: Facts and Athletes to Watch

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” “Go! Go! Go!” “Noooooooooo!” These are the sounds I wake up to early Sunday morning.  Thinking that something had gone horribly wrong, I jump out of bed, rush downstairs almost trip over the dog as I rush to rescue whichever child has just been horribly injured.  I turn the corner into the […]

“Oldies But Goodies” – Classic Movies to Watch with your Tween

By Sebastian Cannata, “Dad” Contributor It’s summer and a fun season to make time to actually watch something together. When I was a kid, there weren’t 24-hour kids-only TV stations, animated movies being released weekly and PG-13 didn’t exist.  We watched movies and TV shows with our parents, often times peeking through their fingers.  I became a pretty big […]

SeaWorld Makes A Splash With Los Tweens- Video

Celebrating 10th Birthday with Travel & Style- Party II online currency trading Our Los Tweens families visited SeaWorld recently following a special invitation from the Park’s communications team and the great people at Visit Orlando (@VisitOrlando) and we are so glad we did!  We enjoyed a personalized tour by SeaWorld’s extremely well informed marine life […]

Celebrating a 10th Birthday with Travel & Style – Day 1

Tenth birthday parties are a big deal!  They have completed an entire decade of learning, growing and succeeding . Oh, and let’s not forget that we parents deserve a big pat on the back too (preferably that is followed by a glass of champagne).  We’ve spent 10 years doing a lot of work ourselves.  It […]