[Video] 5 Benefits of a Daily Meditation Practice

Reportly, Giselle Bundchen, Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Oprah, Eva Mendes and Katy Perry all swear by it. According to, there are over 3,000 scientific studies on the benefits of daily practice, which include that of the American Psychological Association, Harvard Medical School and University of California. Just like taking vitamins and using moisturizer, meditation works best […]

Reduce Back-to-School Tween & Teen Stress

At this point after Labor Day it seems that all kids are back to school in some way or another – be it via year-round schooling, home schooling or standard classes resuming after the summer. In my casa we’re just trying to get our groove back as the saying goes. The stress level is at […]

Signs of a Stressed Tween

During my tween’s annual visit, the doctor asked my daughter if she was stressed.  It struck me as a great question.  Coming off a week where volleyball and basketball practices overlapped, a presentation to her Girl Scout troop and two big tests, my tween answered ‘yes’.  As they discussed the reasons, I sat astonished that […]

No te estreses con la primera entrega de notas

No te estreses con la primera entrega de notas  Tan pronto que se termina el primer semestre escolar, ya los padres, alumnos, y hasta los mismos maestros comienzan a preocuparse por las notas.   A los padres les preocupa lo siguiente: Si sus hijos están en el mismo nivel que sus compañeros de grado. Si […]

Can I Stay Home Today?

A Parent’s Challenge to Stress the Importance of Education with their Tween By Jorge Hernandez Can I stay home today? These are the first words I hear every morning when I wake my seven year old son Dariel, for school. He started second grade this year and although his grades are wonderful and he’s received […]

Reducing Stress In Kids

Reducing stress in kids is a goal of parents everywhere. These easy research based tips can be applied immediately so that you and your child can relax.  Children are vulnerable to stress. 13 out of 100 children experience some kind of anxiety disorder and many more are just stressed out! Living a balanced life and reducing […]