This New Study Found that Fostering Gratitude Can Reduce Materialism in Teens

Make every day Thanksgiving. Fostering gratitude can actually reduce materialism and increase generosity in teens, according to new research study co-authored by Gies College of Business professor Aric Rindfleisch. The paper, “The Impact of Gratitude on Adolescent Materialism and Generosity,” has been published in The Journal of Positive Psychology and it shows that teens who were asked to keep a gratitude journal – […]

Are you Too Pushy with your Kids? It May Hurt their Self-Confidence, Study Says

Parents may have high expectations of their children’s academic performance and some may demonstrate this by urging the child to achieve good grades, while others may over-react when the child makes mistakes. However, parents should be mindful of their behaviour and not push their children too far, as their actions may lead to unintended consequences. […]

[En Español] 7 trucos para fomentar hábitos de estudio en niños y adolescentes

7 Consejos Esenciales para los Estudiantes   Por: Ivette Ortiz Cintrón, Ed.D. Educadora de Nivel Elemental Se aproxima el inicio del curso escolar y ello conlleva preparar la mochila de nuestros hijos con las herramientas necesarias que nos permitan organizar nuestra vida y la vida escolar de nuestros niños/as. Es importante siempre tener en mente que la rutina […]

American Cancer Society Needs Our Help!

Amigas.. The American Cancer Society needs our ayuda! My familia has been touched entirely too much by cancer and I want to help others in any way PREVENT this horrible disease in its many forms. We CAN make a difference to reduce cancer for our childrens’ generations. The ACS is recruiting participants for Cancer Prevention Study-3 […]