[#Shopping] Top Trends for Tweens & Teens

How the Ford Trends Conference Got us Thinking About Our Future Disclaimer: The Los Tweens & Teens team was invited to experience the  Annual Ford Trends Conference. All opinions are certainly our own. Trends are not always easy to spot, especially for parents that can benefit from knowing the latest trends impacting their tweens and […]

[Ask Lina] How should I deal with my teen’s anger?

“Ask Lina” is a special editorial series where we invite you to send us your parenting questions in the comments below and our teen & tween emotional expert, Lina Acosta Sandaal, gives you tips that will help you navigate these crucial “in-between years.” “Whatever mom!” “You don’t understand.” “Get out of my room!”  If you […]

Signs of a Stressed Tween

During my tween’s annual visit, the doctor asked my daughter if she was stressed.  It struck me as a great question.  Coming off a week where volleyball and basketball practices overlapped, a presentation to her Girl Scout troop and two big tests, my tween answered ‘yes’.  As they discussed the reasons, I sat astonished that […]

Spending Quality “Mami & Tween” Time During the Summer – Tips

Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Dole Packaged Foods, LLC. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Every conversation with another mom recently has started with, “What are you doing with the kids this summer?” While everyone is scrambling to find summer camps and fill their tween’s days […]

Building Bonds through Tween Cuisine

I have a special place in my heart for all things Abuelos and for allowing children to learn, grow and respect the elders in their lives. Sometimes it’s easy to take grandparents for granted as either always being there or just to help you watch the kids. But taking the time to help grandparents (or […]

Benefits of Raising Bilingual Children

by Elizabeth Heath for In our day and age, raising a child to be bilingual is seen as a positive step, as it will help him communicate with more people and be more desirable in the job market. But increasingly, research is showing that bilingual kids are cognitively more advanced than their monolingual peers. In […]

Confessions of a Divorced, Single Dad

By: James R. Venney Contributor, Los Dads My original intention in writing this article was to share some lessons learned and observations I have made thus far in my journey as a single father. However, in the wake of the events that unfolded in Connecticut on December 14th this brief article took on a different […]

Sin Azúcar! Sugar-free gum is a sweet alternative for Tweens

Trident – See what Unfolds With tweens and teens, you can almost rely daily on an ‘unscripted momento’- it’s a fun and often challenging age that is filled with sorpresas! From foods to music to visiting a new park or playing outside or just telling you about their school day- a tween’s need to tell […]

Breakfast Tostadas for Dinner

By Vianney Rodriguez This has to be one of the greatest ideas ever brought to the table. Obviously, a terrific mom invented this idea. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals so; I get a little giddy when my kids ask for breakfast for dinner. I’m in. Breakfast tostadas are hearty, easy and adaptable to […]

“Frankenweenie” Fun Facts and Sweepstakes

Suspense, mystery, not-so-happy endings and a little fun are all part of what make scary stories exciting for tweens (and parents).  We’ll never forget one Girl Scout camping trip when the girls gave endless accounts of “scary stories” exciting each other and putting the already exhausted moms to sleep.   The appeal of a good […]

Staycation for Family Bonding

  We spent our summer vacation visiting with friends and family.  We had an amazing time with a lot of memories and fun.  But there was something missing.  My family – the five of us – were always surrounded by abuelas, primos, tias, y amigos.  Clearly a blessing and I am not complaining.  But, I […]

Let’s Celebrate Tween School Year Success

  No es facil! It’s not easy being a tween.  There’s growing peer pressure, increasing school work, science projects, the looming threat of puberty and those nasty chores that we keep begging them to do – no es fácil!  One of the ways that we make it through the year in our homes is by celebrating successes […]