[VIDEO] Mom Cristy and Dad Ludo Gabriel Talk about Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” on Facebook LIVE

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Whether or not you have watched Netflix‘s series, “13 Reasons Why,” you probably have heard of it.

It’s a scripted series, produced by superstar Selena Gomez, which has generated a lot of buzz due to its plot, which is centered on a group of high school students, where the protagonist is recounting why she killed himself – 13 reasons exactly.  This year, Netflix launched it second season – and it just got renewed for a 3rd.

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We had very interesting mom + dad convo about Netflix’s scripted series “13 Reasons Why” with Los Tweens & Teens’ founder, Cristy Clavijo-Kish, & Ludo Gabriele of WokeDaddy.com about the show and lessons we can gather as parents and influencers from listening better to raising conscious boys for parents of older kids

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