[Video] New Partnership will Educate Teachers to Include Coding and Robotics Into the Classroom

Today, 42 percent of principals cite inadequate training as a barrier to expanding computer science offerings within their schools.  Coding and robotics provide an exciting opportunity for  educators to integrate hands-on, creative learning experiences into their classrooms.

National nonprofit AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), developer of the college-readiness system now used by more than 6,400 schools across the U.S.,  announced a collaboration with Wonder Workshop to provide educators with the training, knowledge, and skills necessary to bring state-of-the-art coding and robotics into classrooms.

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Wonder Workshop’s award-winning robots are used in more than 20,000 elementary and middle schools globally to bring coding to life for students and encourage students’ exploration of computer science principles through activities and language they can understand. The Teach Wonder professional development program delivers 12-hour, high-quality, in-depth online lessons that train teachers in teaching the fundamentals of computer science and robotics.

AVID’s partnership with Wonder Workshop is designed to make it easier for schools and districts to access the tools and professional learning needed to effectively teach coding and robotics. The collaboration will provide millions of students the opportunity to develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills gained through learning to code.

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This partnership enables us to offer 70,000 AVID teachers access to high-caliber professional learning needed to introduce foundational 21st-century knowledge into their classrooms.

Learn about “Dash & Dot Robots” for kids from Wonder Workshop below:

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