[Video] Three Eye-Opening Truths on Causes and Effects of Stress on Teens

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Developed in collaboration with award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien and her media production company, Starfish Media Group, the Teens and Stress video series published last year documents the experience of teens, as well as the efforts of educators, influencers and administrators to reduce the record levels of stress impacting kids in schools and homes across America.

The episodes explore the challenges faced by teens as they balance their studies and everyday lives, common critical issues faced by teens in crisis and how some schools are shifting to social emotional learning methods to help teens cope with stress.

  • Teens and Homework Stress
    At top-ranked Dover-Sherborn High School in Dover, Massachusetts, students contend with significantly more homework per night than the national average of 3.5 hours per night, and its students are struggling to keep up.  To address the issue, Dover-Sherborn Headmaster John Smith enrolled the school in a Stanford University program aimed at reducing homework and stress in teens, and the early results are promising.

  • Social Emotional Learning in Schools
    New York City’s highly competitive Lab School has made checking in on emotions a part of the daily academic routine. This strategy, known as “Social Emotional Learning,” aims to teach teens how to better manage their emotions, build empathy and problem-solve. Social Emotional Learning has been gaining traction, and the Lab School has been encouraged by the results.

  • Teen Crisis Text Line
    Teens communicate perhaps more honestly by text message than any other medium. Crisis Text Line (CTL) is the first national, 24/7 intervention texting program to support those in crisis. Trained counselors will answer all texts to CTL within five minutes, making it exceptionally simple for teens to reach out in between classes, during breaks or whenever they might need to without drawing attention.

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One thought on “[Video] Three Eye-Opening Truths on Causes and Effects of Stress on Teens

  1. Crisis Text Line is a brilliant idea. Being a teen is an awkward stage because of the struggle to build their own identity. That’s why it is so stressful. Add the parents’ expectations that they need to do well in school so they can go to college. And there’s social media where they need to be “live” or logged in all the time. It is a place for peer pressure. Communication is always the answer. Be it with the parents or someone they can trust. Parents should learn how to communicate without judging and set realistic expectations.

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