[Video] Why Tween & Teen Acne is More Than Skin Deep (Clean & Clear giveaway inside!)

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DISCLAIMER: We partnered with Clean & Clear’s New Acne Line to create this content. As always, we test out products before we share them and our opinions are our own.


Adolescence and acne seem to go together. After all, some of the main causes of acne include changing hormones and developing levels of skin oils (WARNING: this is from mom experience, not because I’m a dermatologist!). But aside from the acne-causing list of foods and body function, there also is lack of cleanliness and a routine to keep skin clean and properly hydrated.

If you know a teen or older tween, you know most try not to bring attention to themselves. Surely older kids attract attention when they have acne breakouts, but the issues are more than simply cosmetic.

Acne also can cause already shy teens and tweens to become further disengaged socially and have a harder time in social situations, even leading to more peer pressure and potential bullying according to our Los Tweens & Teens contributor and adolescent therapist Lina Acosta Sandaal of Stop Parenting Alone.

So we tested a new line of Clean & Clear products that are helping our Los Tweens & Teens teen reporters enjoy the results of cleaner and healthier skin. Part of the appeal for the Clean & Clear line is the price point. Parents can help their older tweens and young teens to easily create a daily skincare routine without a major cost.

Check out our video featuring two popular teen acne questions from our Los Tweens & Teens community:

Top Tips for Helping Keep Skin Clean & Clear:

  • Get started on creating a daily cleaning routine before kids start back to school in the fall
  • Help create a habit of not touching the face with dirty hands!
  • Help your older kids realize that their hands are full of surface oils and dirt that can cause breakouts. Hand washing is key.
  • Analyze the foods being eaten. Foods high in oils and sometimes certain grains can cause breakouts.
  • Choose sunscreens carefully. For best results choose options that are specifically for the Face and tend to cause less breakouts.
  • Look at ingredients in make-up. Ask about brands that contain less oils that can clog pores more than others.

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To help you and your older kids get on a path to cleaner skin, we asked our partners at Clean & Clear to offer a product basket giveaway- and they provided two! ENTER BELOW:

The Clean & Clearn “Acne Triple Clear” line includes cleanser, bubble foam cleanser and an exfoliating scrub that make up great products for your teen or tween’s daily cleaning routine.

Clean & Clear Acne Triple Clear Giveaway

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12 thoughts on “[Video] Why Tween & Teen Acne is More Than Skin Deep (Clean & Clear giveaway inside!)

  1. My son has been trying everything with not much luck. Something like this would really do the trick I bet…

  2. Que importante este info. Por fortuna mis hijos no cifren de acné, pero igual les hago énfasis en el cuidado de la piel.

  3. My daughter is just starting to deal with acne. These are great tips! We have been using Clean & Clear and are starting a skincare routine so she’s ready when school starts.

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