[Video] What’s Musical.ly and Exclusive Interview (in Spanish!) with Teen Influencers Cat & Mario Selman at Hispanicize 2017

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If you aren’t a teen or don’t have a teen child, you probably haven’t heard of Musical.ly. And if you aren’t a Latino  blogger, content creator o a brand looking to reach Hispanics, you probably haven’t heard of Hispanicize. We are here to inform you 🙂

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With the social media age, celebrities can be born from their bedroom (literally) without having to ever go into a TV set. That’s the case with the teens (and sibilings) Cat and Mario Selman, who quickly got over 1 million fans (EACH!) in their Musicaly.ly accounts.

The service allows you to lip sinc to a song of your choice, while you are filming a video that your followers watch and comment. What can throw you apart from other users is showing your personality with the video backgrounds, the music choice, guests, props, your hand movements and face expressions (two aspects Cat and Mario do on their own unique style).

Now with Hispanicize… It’s the biggest annual gathering of Latino content creators (including bloggers, Youtubers, Insgrammers), as well as marketers, reporters and brands. It happens every year on April in Miami, Florida, and Los Tweens & Teens is always in attendance for all the learnings and connections.

This year, I had the opportunity to be moderate the panel “Meet the Gen Z Content Creators,” where Cat and Mario were panelists, of course. It was so interesting for me to learn about Musica.ly (never heard of it before), it’s impact and how these two siblings have made themselves online brands that transcend to the offline world by hosting their own tour around the country – just like rock stars.

They have created such a big following that expands to Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, that not only have it awaken desires for singing & acting professionally (Mario) but also coming out of their shells and feeling more confident in their own skin at such a early age (Cat).

By the way, it was also very cute to see their parents on the audience and learn that he had to take out the door of Mario’s bedroom just so he can monitor his son Internet playtime. And that’s exactly the topic I wanted to dig into a little more because I’m sure many of you our there are going through this same issue.

Listen what Cat and Mario Selman had to say about helping your tweens or tweens to balance school and Internet. They are from Uruguay so we decided to make a Spanish interview for all of those fans Cat & Mario Latino fans 🙂

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