[Video] Watch Fisher-Price’s “A Film By You” About the Child’s Unique Potential Through Play

A Film By You is a mini retrospective film from the perspective of a child, showing the incredible developmental journey in the first five years of life, featuring footage from 25 real families in six countries and from submissions shared by the Fisher-Price global Facebook community. The film, created by Fisher-Price, Inc., one of the world’s leading infant and preschool toy manufacturers and a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc., premiered today.

The film was created to highlight the critical role parents’ play, from birth, to spark their child’s natural curiosity and propel development within a playful environment. 

“The film celebrates parents’ unlocking their child’s unique potential through play,” said Jean McKenzie, EVP of Fisher-Price Global Brands. “Giving children time to play culminates in a joyful childhood experience and, importantly, leads to healthy development. Engaging in playful interaction, starting from birth, helps children build cognitive skills, confidence, social bonds and many other growth aspects that get them ready for that first day of school.”

Last year, Fisher-Price published its international Moms’ Hopes & Dreams Study which surveyed moms in seven countries around the world on their attitudes and approaches to early childhood development. The finding that only 59% of moms strongly agreed that “Development starts at birth,” was a key inspiration for A Film By You.

Fisher-Price launched A Film By You on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as part of its ongoing Best Possible Start campaign. The brand invited parents in 13 countries to share video clips of their children’s everyday adventures of growing up.

At the beginning of each week in the six-week social campaign, Fisher-Price requested submissions based on developmental themes centered on social, emotional and physical feats.

By the end of each week, playbacks were posted to the Fisher-Price Facebook page, sharing the best of content for that week. Reflecting the very early days of babyhood in all its experimental and wobbly first attempts, to the tug and touch-our-heart moments when babies and toddlers go from “not ready” to “I did it!,” the playbacks offered a condensed view of critical development in the first five years of life.

Throughout the social campaign, Fisher-Price also encouraged parents to share their amazement and support of joyful, child-led play in a global conversation using the #filmbyyou hashtag.

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