Today’s tweens are more connected than ever.

[#Shopping] HP Printer Review and Tips for Printer Shopping for Kids

Disclaimer: The Los Tweens & Teens team received an HP Envy 5530 printer for Review. As always, our opinions are our own.    We were excited to be invited by MomSelect to the HP Smart Moms Board to test new products and provide insights for HP services and new concepts. Our Los Tweens team has […]

[Review] What is Snapchat? Should I Let My Child Have It

I first heard about Snapchat last year when talking to a group of teens about technology.  They were distressed that their parents kept insisting the app was dangerous.   Now wildly popular among teens, Snapchat is becoming trendy among tweens and many parents are now asking, “What is Snapchat? And, should I let my child have […]

Microsoft Stores Teach Parents and Tweens

Microsoft is opening it’s 94th store in Miami tomorrow and I had the opportunity sit down with the store manager and the general manager of communications strategy for an in-depth conversation.  Throughout both interviews it became clear that the focus of Microsoft stores is to teach parents, tweens and the community they serve. Microsoft Store […]

How Microsoft is Solving Your Parenting Tech Problems

Disclaimer: Los Tweens attended a product demo and has been offered a tablet for review use.  All opinions expressed are our own. We talk over and over again about how difficult it is to parent in the age of technology.  There is nothing easy about parenting a generation of children who don’t know what it’s […]

Parents vs. Tweens What Cell Phone Ownership Means PLUS Invite to Miami Event

What are your biggest fears when it comes to giving your tween a cell phone?   What would your tween say it is? During a recent in-store event at a local Aio Wireless location, we hosted a conversation with parents and tweens on parenting in the age of technology.  Questions like the ones above evoked […]

Which Cell Phone Carrier is Right for Your Tween?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Aio Wireless however, all opinions expressed are our own.  Remember when the only way to talk to your friends after school was to wait until mom was off the phone with abuela and conversations could be overheard by anyone in the house because the only phone was in the living […]

Set Goals for Being Involved in Your Tween’s School #Futuro2020

Do you have a goal to be more involved in your child’s school?  You should! Michelle from shares her goals and why it’s important to her to be involved in her tween’s education.  She also shares a new rule she is implementing in her house for the 2013-2014 school year.  Watch the video and […]

Bing Supports Education with Two New Initiatives

New pencils, notebooks, backpacks and Bing?  Search engine Bing hopes to make it on your school supply list this year with two new initiatives, Bing for Schools and Bing Rewards.  Both will certainly catch the attention of school administrators and parents (it  caught ours!).   Here’s what you need to know: Bing for Schools Announced […]

Insuring Your Tech Investments for #BackToSchool

Blood rushing to your head.  You’re not sure whether to cry, scream or do both.  But no matter what you do it’s not going to fix it.  If you’ve ever broken, lost or had one of you or your tween’s cell phones stolen, you know what I am talking about.  So when SocialMoms approached us […]

Calling All Tween & Teen Inventors & Innovators

Do you have an aspiring tween or teen inventor in your home?   Want to encourage a career in science, technology, engineering or math?  In preparation for the release of Iron Man 3, Disney, Discovery Science Center, Broadcom Foundation, Marvel Studios, Visa Signature and the famous El Capital Theatre in Hollywood have teamed up to sponsor a […]

Pros and Cons of Giving Kids Cell Phones

By Alisa Valdes for Mamiverse     A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics says that three-quarters of all American teens have cell phones. Research by the academy indicates that most of these kids are getting these phones in middle school and, increasingly, even earlier than that. The widespread use of cell phones by children raises […]

Who’s ‘Really’ Reading Your Tween’s Emails?

Does your tween have an email account or are you considering allowing them to create one? Between the ages of 7 and 12, children become proficient readers, writers and technology users. It has become almost a given that tweens have email addresses. And while parents may have put in place the proper safety nets to […]

[Review] Is the Kik App Tween Appropriate?

  My tween daughter has been chasing us around for months begging to download the Kik app on the old iPhone she inherited from my husband. Kik Messengers is a free text messaging app for smartphones. If you ask my daughter, EVERY tween has it – except her of course! While I haven’t conducted a […]