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Everything you need to celebrate Quinces, Sweet Sixteen and Batmitzah.

[VIDEO] Do’s and Dont’s of Planning a Quinces Party with The Sophlivia Twins

Planning ANY birthday party can be full of little details to plan – specially if you want to make it a memorable one.Add to this the having your entire family and friends cheering you on the day you officially become a women….no pressure, right? That’s exactly what a Quinces Party is: is Latin version of […]

[Video] Teen Makeup Tutorial for Special Ocasions by Celebrity Makeup Artist Erick Cuesta

We partnered with Neutrogena to bring a series of beauty tutorials and resources for teens (and moms too!). As always, all expressions our ours. Neutrogena ambassador and CNN TV Host, Erick Cuesta, created an easy-to-do makeup look that your teen daughter can wear for fall high school parties. Our publishers’ daughters, The Sophlivia Twins, acted […]

[Video] Testing Makeup Looks for Quinces, Sweet Sixteen or Prom Just Got Easier with the Free “Sephora Virtual Artist” APP

Sephora, the leader in global prestige beauty retail, reveals new augmented reality-based features to its award-winning Sephora Virtual Artist application on iOS. Teen girls and moms can now virtually try on thousands of shades of single and palette eyeshadows for prom, sweet sixteen or quinces, along with the lip colors and false eye lash styles already […]

[Infographic] 9 Hair Color Trends to Try for Prom, Quinces or Sweet Sixteen

If you or your teen wants to wow friends and guests in the once-in-a-lifetime celebrations like prom, quinces or sweet sixteen, then adding hair coloring to the hair is a cost-effective way to do so. Plus, with so many options, there’s a sure way to show individuality and style. The good news is that sporting […]

[Shopping] Add Shine & Sparkle to Your Quinces or Prom Look with These Makeup Items

Your big day is almost here! You got the dress (of course), the shoes, the handsome date and the hairstyle….now is time for the makeup to finish off your complete prom or quinces look. If your dress is more on the classy, simple side, a great option to add some funk and personality to your […]

[Shopping] 24 of the Cutest & Trendiest Sweet Sixteen Dresses Found Online

Age sixteen is an epic year. A memorable one for any teen, specially teen girls, as they don’t only get the right to drive but also get to celebrate the year that society marks as the end of being a child to the beginning of being a young lady. Even with the glitz and glamour […]

[En Español] 10 ideas divertidas para fotos con tus amigos para tus Quince

Los Quince, la celebración en la cultura latina que conmemora la transición de niña a mujer, tiene la peculiaridad que casi puede ser vista como una boda. Tienes el vestido grande, el salón de actividades, el catering, las damas, los chambelines, el bizcocho, las flores…y por supuesto, la sesión de fotos. Igual que una novia, […]

Discovery Familia Launches New Reality TV Series “Quinceañera”

Welcome to the world of Quinceañera! In Latin tradition, when a girl turns 15 it signals her transition from young girl to blossoming into a woman. Similar to a Sweet 16, it’s the biggest day in a young Latina’s life and many parents hold on to their culture by celebrating the day in special ways. From major […]

[Shopping] 21 Pieces of Gold Jewerly for Quinceañeras

“Los Quince” are not a regular birthday. Is the year that Latino culture celebrate the transition from girls to becoming a women. Is the last year girls depend solely on mom and dad to drive them around and in most cases, they celebrate in their first year of high school. Even if your teen girl […]

[Photos] Celebrity Hairstylist Leo Rocco’s Step-by-Step for Soft Summer Curls for Short Hair

A whole new do, can mean a whole new you! Whether you’re contemplating a chop, or already rock a short cut, this simple hairstyle brought to you by  celebrity hairstylist Leo Rocco will become your go-to look. Soft waves infused with the nurturing goodness of coconut, you’ll fall in love with this terrific hairstyle that’s […]

[Online Shopping] 21 Sweet Sixteen Party Invitations for Boys and Girls

Oh – the transition from child to adult! That’s the time of the year when our kids aren’t kids but not yet adults and when parents transition from being the choffers t to passengers for their new teen drivers. Huff – so many changes….and what better way to celebrate than throwing a party… of course! […]

Summertime Hairdos to Celebrate Los Quinces (with Giveaway Inside!)

  ** There’s a giveaway at the end! ** Summertime is all about fun in the sun but it’s also a big season for quinceañeras  and other special occasions. In case you don’t know- a quinceañera is a very special time for Latino families when they celebrate the 15th birthday of their daughters – equivalent […]