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[Video] “Kids Club Ville,” a New Trilingual Social Networking Site for Kids Ages 4-16

Generation Zs don’t know the world without social networking. They were born in the Facebook era and there’s no way parents can hide it from them. More so that they are now even “beyond Facebook,” and prefering social sites like Vine, Instagram and SnapChat – especially because all the adults in their lives are there, […]

[VIDEO] New Bilingual App Makes Learning Fun for Children in Spanish and English (Sneak Peek Inside!)

Bilingual Children’s Enterprises (BCE) launched the Tipi Tom (TM) application in both English and Spanish for preschool-aged children. Through interactive activities and games, kids are guaranteed to learn more vocabulary in both languages and improve their cognitive skills while engaging in school readiness activities. BCE’s pedagogy is unique because it’s based on a scientific-based methodology […]

Education – It’s About All of Our Futures

Los Tweens has partnered with Hispanic CREO’s Futuro 2020 campaign to bring you a series of posts and videos on parental involvement, education reform and celebrating children’s achievements.  Throughout the Fall of 2013, we will be sharing with you more information on ways that you can be involved with your child’s education – from tips […]

My Bilingual Child Hates Spanish Class

by Tracy López for Mamiverse   It’s the worst nightmare of a parent trying to raise a bilingual child. “I hate Spanish class and I have all my foreign language credits now—I don’t want to take it next year. Are you going to make me?”  Those were the words of  my 14 year old son, a […]

A Case for Bilingual Education

A Case for Bilingual Education in the U.S. School System By Barbara Mascareno Is it possible to administer a great educational system for all children, from all cultural background, and languages? That’s what Maria’s parents thought when they moved their family from Central America to the United States. Maria had a strong foundation in Spanish, […]